Why More and More are Choosing Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Not everyone is born with straight and perfectly aligned teeth. Those who have to put up with crookedness and misalignment hope to improve their appearance through metal braces, a procedure that uses tiny, stainless steel brackets glued to the front or back of the teeth and joined together by wires. However, an advanced technology has allowed dentists to offer the same benefits and more through a dental procedure called Invisalign.

Solving Problems Encountered with Metal Braces

Invisalign has changed the way crooked teeth are fixed. They offer none of the problems people have when wearing traditional metal braces such as the following:

  • Appearance – Let’s face it, if you’re an adult and have decided to fix your misaligned teeth, it would be more preferable to have them fixed without metal equipment hiding your smile. It really does affect your overall appearance, despite the fact that some people are not bothered with the visual impact that traditional braces bring. Although a Chandler dentist can offer ceramic brackets that are lighter in color, they still add that chunky look to the front of your teeth. Teens and adults regularly encounter situations that require them to socialize and communicate with other people, having visible metal braces affects their overall confidence and the way they present themselves.

  • Inconvenience – A traditional brace requires constant appointments with your trusted Chandler dentist. Such a visit would involve regular cleaning and adjustments to the wires that connect one bracket to the other. Most people find it hard to squeeze a few hours for a dental visit because of their hectic schedules.

  • Diet Restrictions – Now this aspect is something that people really do have an issue with. After getting metal braces, you will be asked to skip some foods during the treatment process. Patients have to consider the kinds of foods that they will be eating.


How Invisalign Addresses These Concerns

Any experienced Chandler dentist would be quick to tell you about all the advantages of Invisalign. Just because standard braces aren’t right for your age or your lifestyle doesn’t mean straightening is out of the question. If you’ve spent any amount of time feeling ashamed of your teeth, then Invisalign is worth the effort.

If you’re ready to straighten your smile, but wary of braces, Invisalign offers straightening without the same level of discomfort. Because Invisalign treatment involves clear aligner trays, your orthodontic treatment won’t be noticeable. Those plastic trays are fully removable, so your activities and diet will go unrestricted. You’ll be able to switch to new trays on your own, so you will only need to visit your dentist every 6 weeks. Best of all, you’ll be able to watch your teeth straighten through the clear plastic. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a straighter smile from when your teeth first begin to shift.

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