At Kyrene Family Dentistry, we offer sedation dentistry to patients who are not yet comfortable with the idea of sitting through a dental surgery, let alone willingly walk into a dental office. Dr. Heath Snell is the board-certified sedation dentist patients rely on to manage their dental anxieties and fears through oral and IV sedation. Some of our patients in Chandler, AZ have even become so comfortable that they were able to overcome any anxieties that they used to have and now undergo treatment without sedatives.

If you have your qualms about visiting the dentist, do not worry. Dental anxiety and phobia is common among Americans, with somewhere between 30 to 40 million are reluctant to see a dental practitioner because of their concerns. This is why we take the time to ensure that our patients are well-informed about their options before undergoing a procedure.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry, also called no pain dentistry, is an option for patients who want or need to receive dental treatment but have certain anxieties about dental visits and treatments. A sedation dentist can offer various methods pain and anxiety management, which allows the patients to relax while the procedure is ongoing.

What are the types of sedation dentistry?

Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation is the option for patients who only need anxiety reduction. These can come in the form of pills or syrup and is usually prescribed hours before a dental appointment.

Intravenous “I.V.” Sedation

Intravenous Sedation, also known as “Twilight or Conscious Sedation,” will put you in a safe, relaxed, and comfortable state throughout your surgery. It is the most effective means of reducing awareness and anxiety for dental procedures. It is administered through an intravenous line (I.V.), and is therefore much more predictable in terms of effectiveness due to the quick onset of action. Although the patient is technically conscious throughout the procedure, in most cases, they will be completely unaware of the dental procedure. The disadvantage of conscious sedation is, of course, the increased cost and the need for an escort home after the procedure. But, for the patient who wants to be “the most” comfortable during the procedure, it is certainly the best way to go.

What to look for in a Sedation Dentist in Chandler?

The kind of sedation dentist residents of Chandler should be seeing should be certified and trained to perform at least one type of sedation so that they can choose which among the available options are best for them. At Kyrene Family Dentistry, Dr. Heath Snell is popular among patients because of his expertise, professionalism, and admirable composure when it comes to helping his patients manage their fears and anxieties.

About Dr. Snell

Dr. Snell - Sedation Dentist at Kyrene Family Dentistry
Dr. Heath Snell completed his undergraduate studies, graduating Summa Cum Laude, from Arizona State University. He then went on to pursue his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Colorado School of Dentistry. While in dental school, Dr. Snell received several honors and awards and was nominated into the prestigious Omicron Kappa Upsilon dental honors society.

Following dental school, Dr. Snell completed a one-year course of study in Advanced Education in General Dentistry where he gained the needed training to perform such complex dental procedures as placement of dental implants and extraction of wisdom teeth. Because of this extra training, he is also certified to perform Oral and IV sedation.

When he is not working, Dr. Snell enjoys spending time with his wife, Chelsea, and their four kids. He also enjoys athletics and photography and is very active in his church and community.