The Invisalign Experience (Part II)

The Invisalign Experience - Part 2

Continuing from where we left off. Previously, we discussed why initial inquiries and research are important in choosing your Invisalign Provider, and also what to expect on your first Consultation visit.

In this part of ‘The Invisalign Experience’, we’ll be tackling the entirety of the treatment process; from impression visits to the end-result.

1. Impression Visits

If you passed the assessment, the next step is to get your teeth’s impression, upper and lower part. Basically, your teeth’s exact shape is required to make a “plan” for your Invisalign series. Getting your teeth’s accurate impression would be possible through teeth molding.

Your teeth’s X-Ray scan that you got during your first consultation will now be made into a digital 3-D image form. This digitally enhanced teeth framework will be the basis of your whole treatment plan. Using this same technology, the dentist will show you a virtual representation of your teeth’s development during each segment of the treatment.

2. Invisalign deliveries and treatment

In getting your first Invisalign aligner, the dentist will require you to fit and remove the mold to see if it would not bring any discomfort when worn. This is to see if you can easily remove and attach the aligners by yourself. Invisalign is supposed to fit snuggly on your teeth to get the full effect. If it’s a bit too loose or too tight, the dentist would adjust the aligner on-the-spot as part of the attachment procedure. Adjustments would usually take 30 minutes to an 1hour long.

Once the fit is secured, depending on your doctor’s instruction, you will return over time to receive the following aligners. Most doctors would require you to come back within 2-3 weeks after installment.

The dentist would also give you your own Orthodontist box where you can place each of your invisalign in a series of packets. This can be used as reference, in case you will lose your current aligner, and as a memorabilia as well.

3. Recovery Period

There is no such thing as a recovery period for Invisalign treatment, for there were no anesthesia nor sedatives used during the installment. Invisalign treatments are non-invasive.

4. Follow-up check-ups and Maintenance

Other than the regular invisalign installment visits, the Doctor would also require you to do a follow-up checkup every 6 weeks, depending on when your Invisalign was first attached. This is to monitor the progress of your teeth, and to also check your dental hygiene maintenance.

While each case is different among patients, treatments would usually last for a year for adults. As for children, it would probably take as long as traditional braces.

5. The Result!!

Finally, in this treatment no more aligners will be attached as the treatment is already at its end. Evaluations of result will be made to determine if there will still be a Case Refinement Stage to be done. If Case refinement won’t be necessary then your impressions will be turned into retainers which you can wear anytime, overnight for maintenance.

And that is it for the Invisalign Experience. Keep in mind that Invisalign is only one of the many options you can choose for teeth enhancement. The price, treatment, procedure and experience may be different but the result would still be the same – A beautiful smile you can be proud of.

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