7 Amazing Benefits of Invisalign on Chandler AZ Patients


It is every individual’s dream to have perfectly straight and whiter teeth. Thankfully, today’s technology allows almost anyone to achieve their lifelong dream of having a picture-perfect smile. One procedure, in particular, is generating a lot of buzz because of its groundbreaking design, which allows patients to get straighter teeth without the use of metallic braces to shape their pearly whites.

Invisalign is regarded by many dentists as an excellent orthodontic solution for those who want straighter teeth but want to have none of the braces that cover and realign the teeth. While there are plenty of options that patients can choose from when it comes to improving the quality of their smiles, it seems that more and more individuals are choosing this particular procedure because of a good number of reasons. Here’s why:

1. Straightens and Aligns Teeth

While there are some lucky few who are born with naturally aligned teeth, there is a large percentage of people who have to live with various teeth problems such as overcrowding, and crookedness. So if you are plagued with more than one dental condition, then Invisalign may just be the right solution for you.

2. Multi-Functional

Although Invisalign is most commonly known for aligning crooked teeth, it is actually designed to treat various dental health care problems such as:

  • overly crowded teeth
  • gapped teeth
  • open bite
  • underbite
  • overbite
  • crossbite

3. Offers Convenience

If you’re stuck with a metal mouth, then chances are you won’t be able to eat whatever you like. It would be very hard for you to avoid getting food particles from being stuck in between your teeth and gums. There is minimal to zero interference in day-to-day activities brought about by the metal braces, as cleaning is extremely easy compared to conventional braces.

More importantly, patients can take out their Invisalign braces anytime they want. This is quite an important function for individuals whose work requires them to remove their devices from time to time, such as celebrities, models, or athletes.

4. Provides Comfort

Perhaps one of the main reason why patients love Invisalign is because it is much more comfortable than regular braces. Initial use of metal braces have a tendency to cause minor injuries, particularly the brace wires, which sometimes irritates the insides of the mouth, as well as the gums.

5. Builds Confidence

Nothing gives a dental patient more confidence than having to walk out in public wearing virtually invisible braces. Invisalign is the only teeth-straightening device that you can wear at events and other functions without having to be conscious of what you will look like. It’s very much like showing up with your natural smile.

6. Allows Continuous Oral Care

Invisalign is a one-of-a-kind teeth-straightening device that allows patients to continue their daily teeth cleaning regimen without extending the amount of time it takes them to complete the process. With conventional braces, normal flossing, brushing, and mouth rinsing can take as long as half an hour to finish.

7. Safer to Wear

Many patients who have used regular metal braces for some time would agree that they have had their fair share of dental emergencies, many of which have been due to broken brackets or poking wires. The material used to produce Invisalign is also FDA -approved, which makes it a great option for people allergic to metal.

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