Why a Trusted Dentist in Chandler AZ Wouldn’t Want You to Have Gingivitis

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While most people visit the dentist for teeth problems, there will be times when individuals will come knocking to a dental practice for gum concerns. Any experienced dentist in Chandler AZ and the surrounding areas wouldn’t want any of their patients to develop gum disease or any kind of problem that would affect an individual’s overall oral health.

One particular periodontal concern that has been bothering many patients is gingivitis, which is a condition that causes gum inflammation, otherwise known as gingiva. Gingivitis is typically brought about by accumulation of plaque on the teeth, but can also develop due to other reasons.

This disease can either be caused by dental plaque, which includes those caused by certain medications, systemic factors, and malnutrition, or through non-plaque lesions that are brought about by bacteria, virus, fungi, and other genetic factors.There are also times when gums become inflamed due to accidents, trauma, or reactions to foreign objects. There are even times when they are caused by unknown reasons.

Do You Have Gingivitis?

Gingivitis, contrary to what some people might think, is still in the early stages of gum disease. When you have it, your gums will be reddish or purplish in color and will become puffy. Not only that, they become tender and sensitive to touch, as well as prone to bleeding when flossed or brushed. Many patients diagnosed with gingivitis report feeling pain in their gums on top of the visual signs. Other telltale signs of this disease involve bad breath and receding gums.

Basically, if you let bacteria accumulate on your teeth, you increase your risk of developing gingivitis. As plaque accumulates, a yellowish substance called tartar or calculus also begins to form at the teeth’s base, which is that space between the gums. If left untreated, these will eventually go on and irritate the gums.

What is so scary about gingivitis is that it can progress to a more serious form of gum disease, called periodontitis. If you start having this kind of gum problem, you may eventually experience tooth loss, which could require you to spend thousands of dollars replacing whatever it is you lost with dental implants.

How Do You Treat Gingivitis?

The best way to treat gingivitis, like any other dental problem, is to catch it on at an early stage. If you are prone either genetically or by lifestyle to acquire periodontitis, then it is all the more important to prevent what could eventually cause to tooth loss and extensive root canal treatments.

The issue with individuals who have gingivitis is that they do not see the disease as an immediate threat to their oral health, as they only experience minimal discomfort from time to time. It is not in their best interest to consult with a trusted dentist in Chandler AZ or any of the neighboring areas about their condition, only until they start experiencing greater pain and discomfort.

What they need to understand that in these cases, it is important to be very attentive to what their mouth and gums are telling them. Early medical intervention is much more costly and convenient than treating a full blown disease. Be sure to visit your dentist regularly for cleaning and maintain a proper oral health care regimen that involves plenty of brushing, flossing, tongue scraping, and mouth rinsing.

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