Why We Should Brush Our Teeth: Some Important Facts

Importance of Brushing your Teeth

The mouth is vulnerable to all sorts of germs. On the whole, these germs are not an issue until one consumes food. These germs can multiply, which can lead to all sorts of teeth problems. What transpires after eating is kind of a long story. Read up for more facts why we should continue brushing our teeth on a daily basis.

The bacteria present in the mouth disintegrate particles of food stuck to the teeth. Because of this, a thin coating called plaque is developed. However you can avoid plaque formation by using a remedy called plaque disclosing solutions which are sold in several pharmacies. Plaque is often undetectable and these plaque disclosing solutions color the plaque. This helps because you will know if your brushing is effective. You can consult your trusted cosmetic dentist; Arizona has plenty of physicians specializing in these kinds of practices.

The saliva has natural buffers which sustains the oral cavity’s pH balance. The minute plaque forms on a tooth, saliva will be unable to get hold of those parts. Because of this, acids are produced. These harmful acids are the cause of a tooth’s eventual breakdown if not cared for properly. This damaging process will go on and on if you won’t display and practice proper hygiene for your teeth.

Improper brushing is the cause of tartar. Once the plaque is left overnight or for an extended period and not taken out by infrequent brushing, it becomes hard and results into calculus. Calculus is a form of hardened dental plaque. It has a rough surface which traps more food to the teeth. The bacterial action that rises discharges toxins that can cause gingivitis. Gingivitis symptoms include bleeding around the gums. If this happens you have to seek professional cleaning done by your dentist. Cleaning will diminish the irritation and swelling of the gums. However you still have to maintain proper care by doing regular teeth brushing. You can also include gargling mouthwash after brushing.

Once gingivitis is left untreated it would become so aggravated that it results into a condition called periodontitis. Periodontitis is a dental ailment which exposes the roots of your teeth. This swells up your teeth’s sensitivity and if proper remedies are not done in the nick of time, it can result into excruciating toothaches and even sleepless nights. Any sign of pain must not be taken for granted. Better set an appointment right away with your dentist. If the condition is severe, the dentist might recommend surgical procedures or a root canal treatment.

Proper care for your teeth, coupled with regular visits to your dentist for check-ups and cleaning will ensure optimum teeth health. It will hinder the growth of all dental ailments mentioned above. There are plenty of dental care clinics found nowadays all over the country so choose a reputable clinic which attends to the needs of their patients. Every Chandler dental clinic has services that will guarantee your teeth will be in great condition at all times.

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