Wisdom tooth pain? Here are some home remedies to help


img c/o: Pixabay.com

Your third set of molars is also known as your wisdom teeth. This set of teeth emerge in your early twenties or sometimes even in the late teenage years. You usually feel some pain when they begin to come in just like the way you felt pain when you first got your baby teeth. You may have pain in the other teeth nearby, swelling gums or even headaches. Unless there is a decision made by your dentist that your third molars should be extracted, you will need a method of coping with wisdom tooth pain. Calling your dentist immediately is advised for severe pain. Many times, a severe degree of pain is one of the telltale signs of trouble such as if the teeth are coming in at the wrong angle or are somehow impacted. Extraction may be the solution your dentist gives you. However, for pain that is less severe, there are various home remedies and options that you can do to get some relief.


There are a lot of properties that relieve pain in clove oil. This is a proven remedy you can use at home. Dab gums that are sore with the clove oil or apply the cloves directly on the wisdom tooth that is sore. In a few minutes, you will feel relief.

For individuals over twenty one years of age, you can sip a whiskey shot when you feel some wisdom teeth pain. All you need to do is to swirl this within your mouth exactly the way you do with a mouthwash. Believe it or not, you get relief instantly. For more pain relief, go ahead and drink a few sips as well. Be careful not to overdo this however, as too much alcohol can cause intoxication and slow the healing process, which may work against your wisdom teeth healing.

Onion Juice
To use onion juice to alleviate wisdom teeth pain as well as kill the germs that can cause infection, first cut the onion in half. Next, place it inside your mouth between the sore tooth and your inner cheek. When you feel some pain, extract the juice of the onion by biting into it a little bit. Once the juice comes out, you will feel some pain relief and kill germs at the same time.

Salt Water
This is a tried and true home remedy that not only relieves pain but also gets rid of the infections caused by germs. All you need to do is to rinse your mouth with some warm water with dissolved salt. From the pain and swelling of wisdom teeth coming out, you will feel relief immediately.

Ice Packs
Remember when you would overdo it at the gym and got a sprain? Ice packs would be applied to swelling and pain. What you may not realize, however is that to relieve the pain you feel from wisdom teeth, you can also use an ice pack. Make your own ice pack by wrapping some ice in a face towel. If you have a handy ice pack in your first aid kit at home, you can go ahead and put some ice in it and press this against the pain.

Remember, it’s up to you if you want to try out these home remedy tips. We do not endorse them nor do we write them in this blog as medical advice.