Whiten Your Teeth With These Foods!

Whiten Your Teeth With These Foods!

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There are endless options for achieving bright, white teeth. From dental treatments at the dentist’s office to over the counter trips, the list goes on. The bad news is that some whitening treatments cause tooth sensitivity while others don’t white every tooth evenly.

If you have been looking for a better method of getting a brighter smile, here is good news for you. There is a way to get a great smile using organic methods that are gentle on the teeth. Fresh fruits and raw vegetables combat hard to remove plaque and contain important ingredients that shield teeth from becoming decayed. Here are a few of our favorites to get your dream smile.


Believe it or not, teeth become protected against future decay due to the acid content. Aged gouda and other types of cheese do wonders for your smile. Food particle build up and stains can be removed by the hard surface of the gouda.


These crunchy vegetables scrub off stains from your teeth. Get a smooth polish by rubbing a carrot against your teeth as well


A paste made of baking soda and strawberries has long been known to produce a better smile. The bright fruit has malic acid that whitens teeth naturally. Since strawberries also have a sugar content, don’t forget to do brush your teeth normally just after.


Unlike other citrus fruits, orange peel is not acidic. Contrary to popular belief it is a good idea to keep the peel rather than throw it away. There are vitamin C variants on the skin which work great as teeth whiteners. Wash the peel thoroughly and rub the white inner portion on the surface of your pearly whites. This helps minimize plaque and reduces tartar build-up.


Eat the crispy florets of broccoli raw as this acts as a natural, tooth-whitening toothbrush. Enamel gets coated by the high iron levels to help ward off acid erosion, harmful bacteria, and stains.


Believe it or not, this dark colored, super sweet food is actually good for your teeth. The raisins in bran help get your mouth cleaned faster than bran that doesn’t have raisins, Stimulate plaque-preventing saliva by chewing raisins.


Pineapples contain bromelain naturally and happen to be the only food that does. This is a cleansing, anti-inflammatory compound that also removes stains from your bright whites.


A lot of chewing is required when you eat an apple, not unlike eating broccoli and carrots. This is great for getting your mouth clean. Teeth become whiter as the apples have a natural scrub action that keeps your teeth squeaky clean.

Aside from the usual routes of getting teeth whitening done professionally or getting a DIY home whitening kit, there is a natural alternative. Eating the food groups mentioned here will ensure your teeth become healthier and whiter with the passage of time.