Should You Undergo Teeth Whitening?

Why whiten your teeth?

You are not sure whether to continue with your plan to undertake teeth whitening procedure through your dentist in Chandler AZ or not. You have a lot of things going on your mind. Instead of cluttering your mind with worthless thoughts, why not educate yourself about this type of treatment? Read on.

Is it worthy to have your teeth whitened?
Teeth whitening may be a cosmetic procedure; but, considering the tremendous benefits it offers to individuals (more than making the teeth sparkling white), people with discolored teeth (like you) should consider it a necessity.

Improve self-esteem
Your level of self-esteem will greatly improve if you decide to go through teeth whitening treatment. You can now smile and speak with people without feeling embarrassed. Especially if you are looking for a job, you will find yourself more confident even with tough competitions. You can speak well during interview thereby creating a great first impression.

Look younger
Yes, you will take many years off your look. This is because you smile a lot. Likewise, you have no stained teeth, which make people appear to be old.

Better oral health
You will tend to be healthier in your oral hygiene because you have whiter teeth to protect. You make sure you brush and floss your teeth every day. You also try to avoid eating dark or staining foods.

What qualifies – and disqualifies – you for teeth whitening treatment?
If you have healthy and unrestored teeth plus healthy gums, you are a perfect candidate for teeth whitening. However, you are not a likely candidate or the level of success of the procedure is not as expected due to the following factors:

Teeth whitening treatment is not recommended to kids below 16 years old. The pulp chamber or the tooth’s nerve is still expanded at this time. The procedure, when performed, may infuriate or bring about sensitivity to the nerve.

Sensitive teeth
It is best to consult with your dentist in Chandler AZ before pursuing your plan to whiten your teeth if you have sensitive teeth. He may have to address this concern first.

Pregnant or lactating women
Until now there are no studies to support that teeth whitening can bring harm to pregnant or lactating women. However, they are advised not to go through this for safety purposes.

Allergy to peroxide
Your allergy to peroxide, which is a whitening agent, does not make you eligible for this type of dental treatment.

Uncovered roots, cavities, gum problems and damaged enamel
When the roots of your teeth are exposed, any whitening treatment will not be successful because roots lack enamel. Your dentist needs to eliminate cavities first before teeth whitening or else the whitening solutions will infiltrate these decays, as well as the inner sections of the tooth, which will then result to sensitivity. On the other hand, people with gum disease or worn enamel are not recommended for teeth whitening procedures.

Crowns, bridges and other dental restorations
Resin composite materials and fillings used to perform dental restorations, such as bridges, crowns, fillings, bonding and veneers cannot be whitened. Hence, if you have undergone any of these restoration processes and you insist to go through teeth whitening, you should not be surprised with uneven whites in your teeth. On the other hand, if you need to have any of these dental restorations and you also plan to submit to teeth whitening, your

dentist may have to whiten your teeth first before restoration so it can make the white color even.

What should you do prior to treatment?

The length of time your dentist will invest to whiten your teeth will depend on the level of discoloration on your teeth. Typically, it will take him 30 to 90 minutes per visit. Therefore, it is necessary that you have eaten enough before going to the dental office. You do not want to disturb him in the middle of his treatment only because you already feel hungry, do you? Besides, you may not be allowed to eat for a certain time following the procedure.

Go to your appointment after you brush and floss your teeth. Make sure that there’s no food debris hiding between them or you will have spotted teeth. Likewise, rinse your mouth so you can have good smelling breath.

Be prepared for a little discomfort. Your mother will not like it if at first you insisted to have your teeth whitened and then after she gave in, she will hear you complaining about pain. Teeth sensitivity may happen within 24 hours after the treatment.

What’s better before undergoing teeth whitening procedure than make yourself well-informed? This eliminates surprises and stress. For one, you have to be aware that this type of treatment cannot be completed once. Sometimes, it takes several visits (or sessions) before you will finally see your desired whiteness. So, you have to be patient when your dentist in Chandler AZ does the same thing again and again. Likewise, never feel shortchanged if after one to three years you find your teeth losing its whiteness again. This is just normal, especially if you do not go back to the dental office for follow-up treatments and if you consistently eat dark-colored foods, drink staining substances, smoke and others.

What should you bear in mind after treatment?

Keep your lipstick inside your bag; do not attempt to wear it. It may stain your newly whitened teeth and cause you problem.

Do not eat the first or few hours following treatment. You may have to settle for water only. After this, watch your food intake for at least two days. Avoid foods that will bring stain back to your teeth. The same goes for colored drinks, such as iced tea, coffee, red juice and others. If you cannot avoid staining drinks, use straw.

Now that you make yourself well-informed, it is time to come up with a decision. Should you or should you not? Well, you should! Call your dentist in Chandler AZ immediately for consultation. And by the way, do not forget to ask the cost of the teeth whitening treatment.

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