Top Reasons for Poor Dental Care

Damaged Teeth

Oral health care should be the priority of everyone, including the disadvantaged people. The government should be able to launch programs and provide basic dental services to ensure this. Unfortunately though, several factors serve as hindrances to all these. Every dentist in Chandler Arizona is probably aware of these:

Lack of Access to Dental Care
Not everyone is fortunate to have dental care access generally for two reasons: 1) Government agencies can’t provide even the fundamental dental services due to short funding. 2) Patients covered face personal struggles.

The State Children’s Health Insurance and Medicaid are two of the government programs that are supposed to give dental care to underprivileged individuals but fortunately, they have no budget to cover all of them. Worse, some states do not respond to the dental needs of adults through their public health programs. Medicaid, on the other hand, is only available to less than 50% of the disadvantaged children.

Another reason these people are not able to have access to oral health care is because of their personal—and not only monetary—concerns: work, location and others. They cannot go where the program is supposed to be obtainable because they cannot afford to miss work. Aside from this, they live far enough to make them decide not to go. Either they cannot pay for their transportation or their location is really remote.

Lack of Genuine Oral Health Program
As discussed above, there is no genuine program that caters to the needs of this specific population on oral health. The national government or states have to make an effort to improve access to general dentistry.

Lack of Awareness
People, especially those who belong in the low-income group, are too busy attending to their one or more jobs, looking for a better work, finding food to eat and budgeting their too little income to pay for their monthly duties that they fail to give priority to dental care. They do not realize (all because of lack of awareness) that untreated dental sickness may result to serious health issues like tooth loss, infection and injury to nerve or bone. Likewise, dental decay may lead to absences or reduced hours in work and school. Your dentist in Chandler Arizona can confirm these effects.

Paying the dentist a visit is not an obligation; it is a duty so everyone can make sure of the best dental care. But if there are factors that stop you from doing this, this will result to poor oral health.

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