Top 5 Dental Problems You Might Encounter at Age 50

50 yr oldYour body experiences several changes during puberty, but did you know you will also undergo drastic changes after reaching the age of 50? Once you enter your golden age, you may notice a decline in your dental health, especially if you rarely visit the dentist.

Technological advancements have improved immensely in the last few decades, but they have yet to fully stop aging from affecting us internally and externally. Therefore, there are still some serious dental problems that older adults should know and avoid, including:

1. Gingivitis

If your gums bleed easily and appear red or swollen, gingivitis is most probably the culprit. Gingivitis, when left untreated, can develop into gum disease, which can cause more complications such as dire infections and tooth loss. Both gingivitis and gum disease are severe dental problems that may be prevented with regular dental visits.

2. Dry Mouth

Can you imagine how your mouth would feel like without saliva? It even seems painful to eat without the aid of saliva breaking down food. Aside from ensuring that you enjoy our meals, saliva plays a role in keeping the teeth clean. In fact, a dry mouth can be harmful to your teeth. This oral condition is more common in older age groups because it is a side effect of many medications, and taking medication is more common among older adults. Additionally, a dry mouth can cause bad breath and a sticky feeling in your mouth. People who suffer from this condition can often ease the situation by drinking more water throughout the day. If dry mouth persists, your local dentist may prescribe something more effective.

3. Overcrowding Teeth

The older you get, the more your teeth are prone to shifting. Teeth become overcrowded gradually, and you may only notice when food gets stuck between your teeth easier, or when you have a much harder time flossing. Your local orthodontist in Chandler, AZ can fix overcrowding teeth with a retainer. But sometimes, overcrowding teeth require more frequent cleanings to get in between hard to reach nooks to prevent tooth decay.

4. Oral Cancer

The older you get, the higher your chances of getting oral cancer. The best defense against this devastating disease is early detection. If your local family dentist does not check for oral cancer during a regular dental check up, it might be best to switch dentists, as it is imperative to have this done regularly regardless if you were never a heavy drinker or smoker.

5. Tooth Decay

Cavities are nothing out of the ordinary. However, as your teeth get older, decay could occur in areas of the mouth it normally wouldn’t have years ago. Cavities can become more prevalent around old fillings, the gums or roots, and on the outer surface layer of your teeth (enamel). Regular visits to the dentist and a boost in fluoride will help prevent signs of tooth decay.

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