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Tips for Tooth Extraction Recovery

How to recover from Tooth Extraction

Usually, people remove their wisdom teeth because of the pain they cause. Wisdom tooth starts coming out from the age of 17 to 25. For some people, it is an easy process but for some – they say that it is the most painful tooth problem they have ever encountered. The pain can also cause major problems, and that is why wisdom tooth removal has been developed… so one can get rid of their wisdom tooth to eliminate the pain associated with it or before it damages its neighboring teeth.

Our teeth are the parts of our mouth that help us in chewing our food and make it easily digestible. But when it decays, it starts hurting which can be very painful. In that case, people prefer to remove their tooth; the removing process of tooth can be rather complicated so the help of experts are taken to do it professionally.

Other than wisdom tooth removal, people remove their other teeth because of infection, ache, broken tooth, cavity, etc. After its removal, a few tips are very important to take to avoid further problems. These tips are as follows.

Intake of medicine – If your doctor has recommended you any medicine, then you must take it as per his prescription. However, avoid taking some pain killers by yourself without asking an expert if this is allowed.

Avoid eating hard food – After the removal of a certain tooth, people may find it very difficult to chew because of the effects of removal to the gums. That’s why it is more advisable to take soup and softer food only so they can be easily chewed.

Cover the part with ice – The swelling area should be covered with a pack of ice to help you ease your pain. Try using it for about 2 days, and you will feel comfort easily.

Use straw when drinking – You have to avoid the swelling area, so you better use straw when you want to drink anything. Do not drink directly from a glass or a bottle.

Avoid smoking and drinking liquors – The swelling part may react with the content of alcohol, so it’s better if you avoid drinking for a little while. The same goes for cigarettes.

Brush softly – While brushing your teeth, try to rub gently and massage the swelling area. You have to make sure that you won’t experience bleeding gums while you brush.

Use extra pillow – At night before sleeping, use extra pillow to keep the blood flow on your mouth steady and to prevent clotting.

Use gauze – The gauze is given after tooth extraction to prevent the bleeding. Gently bite the gauze and change after they are covered in blood. If bleeding doesn’t stop, then call a dentist immediately.

Call a dentist for further advice – If you don’t feel any relief from the pain or it seems that it is getting worse, and then call an expert before it becomes severe.

With a little precaution the pain you experience from tooth extraction can be lessened. But of course, take good care of your teeth to avoid damages so you won’t have to face these problems in the end.

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