Three Things Dentists Won’t Tell You (But You Should Know)

A regular visit to a respected Chandler dentist can let you in on a lot of helpful tips regarding good oral care. The usual reminders would be to brush and floss at least twice daily and eating healthy. However, there are quite a number of practices and information that should also be shared with patients that not all dentists are able to. So, we at Kyrene Family Dentistry, give you the inside scoop on how to further achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.


Dentists Know Who Among Their Patients Smoke

Many patients who pay their trusted Chandler dentist a visit would say things about what they just ate or drank before their appointment, but dentists know when their patient is a smoker. A smoker’s breath is very distinct, so even when a patients say they just had lunch or coffee, dentists would know they also smoked during or afterward.

If you’re wondering why, this is because the smell of smoke is embedded in the mouth, specifically the gum tissues. It’s pretty similar to how the scent of tobacco gets stuck in clothes as well as the skin, regardless of whether they try to cover it up by popping mints or gargling mouthwash.

If you’re a smoker, consider this fast fact, smokers have a higher chance of getting an advanced case of periodontal disease, four times more likely than the average person.


Moms Can Pass On Oral Bacteria to Their Kids

One horrific thought that some dentists forget to tell their patients, specifically mothers, is that bacteria can be passed on from mother to child. This means the bacteria-causing cavities inside a mother’s mouth can be spread through indirect contact, such as when sharing utensils while eating.

This can become an issue of great concern when the mother has poor dental health and is constantly tasting her child’s food before serving it. The child’s oral health is at risk if he or she shares utensils with his or her mom, so it would be best for mothers to use extra caution when feeding their children.


Majority of People Aren’t Brushing Their Teeth Properly

It might surprise many individuals to find out that majority of people are brushing only less than a quarter of their teeth. This group of poorly informed brushers think that brushing for 30 seconds is already a long time, when in fact proper oral hygiene actually needs to have up to five minutes of daily brushing and flossing.

Brushing requires somewhere between two to three minutes, while flossing would have to take between one to two minutes. The unfortunate truth, however, is far from the ideal as the average adult only brushes for a total of 30 seconds every time; kids’ brush last even less than that. This is also a concern because thirty seconds would not be sufficient to cover even a quarter of the mouth. Many people miss brushing the molars at the back. Do not be fooled by a white smile because it is no indication that your teeth in other areas of the mouth are in good shape. Most gum diseases occur in areas that lack regular cleaning, so brush your teeth properly.


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