The Truth About Viral Home Remedies and Dental Kits

When it comes to your dental health, you should always trust a professional over a do-it-yourself article you saw randomly on the web. First of all, your dentist knows you and the specific dental care your teeth need. He or she can also recommend a method that will work with your health, schedule, and budget.

A Word Of Caution

Let’s face it – In today’s high-tech world, online instructional videos and mail-order kits are just a few clicks away. Ads make oral remedies sound so easy, convenient, and inexpensive. It all seems too good to be true, and dentists say it is. Dental care specialists all over the world strongly urge the public to steer clear of online, DIY orthodontic services. These products are downright dangerous and may exacerbate dental problems, leading to even costlier remedial treatment.

The trend has gone out of hand, and many patients are becoming victims of DIY dentistry gone wrong. Just this year, the American Association of Orthodontists issued a warning for everyone to beware of websites and videos encouraging people to straighten their own teeth. In many cases, this procedure ends in irreversible damage. The health organization reminds teens and their parents to take advantage of free consultations to discuss their concerns and learn about proper treatment options.

We’ve listed some of the “dental hacks” that are extremely popular today. Here’s how they can harm your mouth and the many complications you will have to face with afterward:

  1. DIY Braces

Ever dreamed of having straight, perfectly aligned teeth without ever paying your dentist a visit? This is what DIY braces promise and it’s appealing to both teens and adults. The trend kicked off when videos of teenagers claiming they straightened their teeth on their own started going viral. In the tutorials, the teens suggested using elastics to tie the teeth together and close the gaps. Others advise using rubber bands, twine, or even fine wires to apply pressure to the teeth.

Do not be misled by this unsafe self-treatment. Using any foreign object to apply blunt force to your tooth could slip and cut off its blood supply, killing your tooth and causing it to fall out. There is also the risk of puncturing your cheek or tongue with these objects. Moreover, you could end up with an infection, more gaps in your teeth, and permanently damaged attachment between your teeth and gums. DIY braces should not be considered as a substitute for the actual ones that you can only get from an orthodontist, and it’s safe to say that it’s just not worth it.

  1. DIY Teeth Whitening

You will see literally millions of results when you search for DIY teeth whitening online. From “natural home solutions” to “chemical kits,” there are thousands of options to choose from. Now, while rubbing a mixture of lemon and baking soda on your teeth sounds safe and wholesome enough, the American Dental Association has a completely different view of the case.

Exposing your teeth to acidic foods can erode enamel, making them weaker and more susceptible to decay over time. Add an abrasive ingredient like baking soda, and you’ve created a recipe for an early tooth decay.

Before trying anything you’ve read online – whether it’s the turmeric, apple cider vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide that people claim to whiten teeth – you should always consult your dentist first. With side effects like inflammation of the gums, teeth sensitivity, and even diarrhea, it’s better to just ask a professional for a proven solution. That way, you can enjoy your sparkly whites safely and in no time.

  1. DIY Fillings

Most, if not all, dental plans have a coverage for a cavity filling. If it’s an emergency, you can get an over-the-counter temporary filling if you can’t book a dentist appointment immediately. However, these dental cement kits are not a permanent solution.

Remember that there could be underlying problems in your tooth that need to be examined by your dentist first. They first need to treat issues like pain, rot, and other things that could spread and affect other parts of your mouth before cementing your cavity for good. If the decay is substantial, you may have to explore other options to save your tooth, such as having a root canal.

Only a certified professional can make this call, and foregoing your appointment to the dental office could end up in your tooth loss. If your permanent DIY solution goes wrong, you could end up with a painful infection.

  1. DIY Extractions

There’s just something about the dentist’s office that seems to be a nightmare for most people. However, the painful and anxiety-inducing days of dentistry are just a thing of the past thanks to advances in technology. Today, you can have your tooth extracted without feeling a thing.

Still, we’ve been hearing news of people who opt to extract their decayed tooth by themselves. This is something that you should NEVER do on your own. Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure and it requires years of education, skills, and training to execute safely.

Dentists have numbing agents that can make the procedure totally painless. If that’s not something to write home about, consider all the money you can save from not having to pay for the serious consequences of going the DIY route.

Leave It To The Experts

Believe it or not, dentists appreciate that you care for your teeth. Still, the best DIY dental work you can do for yourself is to brush and floss regularly. Make sure that your home care tooth remedies are all dentist-approved. Do not hesitate to talk to your dentist about your dental needs. This way, you can explore safer options and not have to worry about damaging your teeth.

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