The Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening

No matter how seemingly easy and safe DIY teeth whitening seem to be, there are dangers Disadvantages of DIY Teeth Whiteninginvolved. Each year, billions of dollars are spent by Americans on products for the teeth. These days, toothpastes that bleach teeth have gained more popularity than any other type. It is probably safe to say that bleaching has reached its porcelain era. When it comes to teeth whitening, doing this yourself can be dangerous. Here are a few side effects of whitening teeth at home.

Hazards of Whitening

With more and more trouble reported to dentist from DIY teeth whitening kits, one thing is becoming quite clear. One true hazard of DIY teeth whitening is that overusing these chemicals is the result of the pursuit of bleached perfection.

Teeth Sensitivity

However, when it comes to DIY teeth whitening, there are dangers involved. For instance one survey of one hundred people done by the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 2002 revealed that half of the participants experienced sensitivity after using a whitening gel that was available over the counter.  One out of twenty five participants experienced severe pain in the mouth.

Gum Irritation

Other side effects of DIY teeth whitening include uneven whiteness, blush enamel and gum irritation. If the chemicals manage to seep into unfilled cavities that users may not have known they had or seeped into cracked teeth, the internal painful damage can lead to a root canal. The damage that teeth whitening products that you do yourself tend to go away after a time, except for the cavities, as long as you stop with the chemical use.

The issue arises when people do not really stop using them when there are clear signs that they should. The culprit may be that after a teeth whitening product, teeth do not remain white for long. They begin going back to the color they used to be after a while. This is particularly true with coffee drinkers, wine drinkers or smokers, which all involve substances that stain teeth easily.

Safe Alternatives

Whether you are planning to have your teeth whitened with a dentist or plan to do this yourself, it is a good idea to discuss your plans with your dentists. When it comes to teeth whitening, you might want to consider professional rather than home options. The reason for this is that your dentists would likely have the latest and safest teeth whitening method that last longer than the DIY versions. Plus, you may not be familiar with the way DIY teeth whitening works, and may see unfavorable results. When you go through teeth whitening with your own dentist you can rest assured that you are in capable, expert hands with years of teeth whitening experienced behind them. This keeps your choppers safe while at the same time ensures that you have the whitest, brightest smile for miles around. The bottom line is that when you turn to professional teeth whitening options, you know that this will be done safely and under the closest