How Soon Should a Child Go To Dentist?

Pediatric DentistryLittle ones are also entitled to a good oral care because even small children could suffer from tooth decay. To have a good start at quality oral care, children as young as one year old should start seeing a dentist.

According to the America’s Pediatric Dentist, it is important that a child should start having dental check up when the first tooth appears which occurs before a child celebrates his/her first birthday.

Dentists believe that having oral care at a very young age will be a big help in preventing tooth decay problems later on. Also, having an early start or oral care watch will be a good foundation to a lifetime of good oral care habits which is very important.

Pediatric Dentists

There will always be a different approach when dealing with young patients. Like in the medical field, there are also what they call pediatric dentist -the one responsible for pediatric oral care.

Pediatric dentists are those who had two to three years specialty training in a dental school regarding the practice of treating children. They are primarily the ones who provide special oral care for infants, children up to adolescence and even those children with special health needs.


In the eyes of a child, there will always be fear and anxiety when they go see a doctor. Before having the first dental visit, it is important to ask the dentist first what procedures are to be expected on the day of the visit.

It will be helpful to brief the child on what will happen on his/her first dental visit. Make him/her understand what the upcoming visit will be all about and build a positive outlook to it. This will help the child to be more at ease and be less surprised on the day of the dental checkup.

Medical records of the child should also be brought for the dentist to have a background about the child’s health.

On the first visit

There will be several procedures that should be expected on the child’s first dental visit. First, the dentist will examine the child’ teeth, jaw, bite, gums, oral tissues and observe potential problem areas. Second, if there is a need already, the dentist will conduct a gentle cleaning that will help polish the teeth and remove any plaque, stains or tartar. Third, some dentists will also insist to have an oral X-ray to have an overview of the child’s teeth and to add as additional background for the child’s for future reference.

After the procedures, the dentist will also teach the child’s parents proper cleaning and brushing of the teeth at home.

On the first dental visit, it is also at this point where the dentist will try to gain the child’s trust for him/her to be cooperative on future dental sessions.

Pediatric oral care should never be underestimated because even young children could suffer from tooth problems which will be more difficult to handle.

Early oral care habit is a must; as your child turns one plan your first dental visit now!