Seven Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth Regularly

Brushing teeth at least twice a day for kids has been one of the biggest challenges that parents face during their children’s formative years. It is one of the basic dental habits that children need to develop while they are still young. Any respected Chandler dentist would recommend parents to teach their kids the importance of regular brushing so that they will not face serious dental problems in the future.

Developing good dental habits early in life can set children on a steady path to outstanding oral health throughout their lives. The problem, however, is that brushing teeth regularly does not come naturally to children, as it is still quite difficult for them to establish a daily routine. Fortunately for parents like you, there are quite a few ways that can help motivate children to brushing teeth at least twice a day.

#1 – Let Your Child Choose

Choices, choices. Children like the feeling of being given the chance to choose between something rather than being assigned to something. So build your child’s sense of control when shopping for a dental care supplies for your home. Let them choose the style and color of their tooth

brushes, what brand of toothpaste they want (pre-selected by you of course), and the floss they want to use. This way, they will be looking forward to using the stuff they helped pick and also begin to enjoy the dental care routine.

#2 – Make Brushing Teeth an Enjoyable Experience

Your Chandler dentist would undoubtedly agree with the fact that regular teeth brushing should be a positive experience for a child. Play your child’s favorite music while he or she brushes his or her teeth. Brush while dancing to the song or bring your child’s most beloved stuffed animal or doll to serve as “audience”. Playing with the child’s imagination and incorporating it into the brushing routine can make the experience truly enjoyable.

#3 Practice Right Timing

Brushing teeth should be done on time, as it strengthens a child’s brushing habits. So create a schedule that is ideal for your kid. You can make brushing as a precedent to a very important activity that your child will be looking forward to, such as storytelling or playtime.

#4 Give Your Child a Reward for Every Progress Made
People, especially kids, respond well to rewards. This is why you should give your child a treat for being a regular brusher. You can make a chart that tracks their brushing habits, whether they brush without complaining or when they brush without being told or reminded. The reward can be given after they have reached a certain number of successful brushing.

#5 Make It a Family Activity

Nothing spells fun to a child than seeing the whole family brushing at the same time, exchanging jokes and even laughing while brushing. It can be a fun way to bond with the family, not to mention make brushing teeth an activity kids can look forward to.

#6 Stay on Schedule

They say it takes about 21 days for an activity to become a habit. So consistency does a lot in terms of helping your child develop a regular brushing routine.

#7 Be a Role Model to Your Children

To a child, it will be hard to follow a rule that their parents are not following, so make an effort to show your child that you brush regularly. Make yourself the example and practice outstanding dental care habits that your kids are bound to notice, and hopefully follow. Schedule a regular appointment with your Chandler dentist and bring your child or children with you. Visit today.