Say Cheese! It’s World Smile Day on the Third of October

On the first friday of October, people from all over the world will be celebrating World Smile Day. More than just an event that promotes people to wear their loveliest smiles for a day, it is actually a campaign that seeks to empower individuals by encouraging smiles and selfless acts. Before we go to a thorough discussion on how the World Smile Day came into existence, make sure your smile and oral health is at its best by visiting your trusted Chandler dentist this September.

What is the World Smile Day?

The origins of the World Smile Day goes back to 1963, when a commercial artist named Harvey Ball started creating the smiley face. This iconic image then went on to become one of the most widely used symbols worldwide, appearing in mobile messaging platforms, social media, and more. It has represented good will and good camaraderie among people.

Over the years, Harvey Ball became concerned about the over-commercialization of his iconic symbol, and how its original meaning and purpose had become somehow distorted as it became used in various media.

This is how World Smile Day® came into the picture. Harvey’s idea was for people and their families to devote at least a day each year to focus on being positive, encouraging them to smile more and perform random acts of kindness whenever an opportunity is presented.

This is a day where people can set aside political associations, geographical origins, and religious beliefs.

Harvey assigned the first Friday of October each year to be World Smile Day® in 1999, at his hometown in Worcester, MA. When he died in 2001, a foundation called the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was established in memory and honor of what he tried to accomplish. Now the whole world celebrates with Harvey annually, as The Foundation continues to be the official sponsor of World Smile Day®.

Showcase a Beautiful Grin on World Smile Day

This coming World Smile Day, we are encouraging you to smile along with the world and encourage friends and family to continue what Harvey Ball started.. However, a smile would be even more convincing if you make the necessary steps to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy. An appointment with a respected Chandler dentist weeks or days before World Smile Day would make the day a special one.