Recent breakthroughs in Dentistry: an exciting journey

Following the ongoing trend of groundbreaking inventions in every possible facet of human life, dentistry has advanced drastically in last couple of years. Today’s dentistry is capable of solving almost all of your oral problems in much efficient and convenient way. Cutting – edge equipment, advanced know – how and precision tools make all this possible. Perhaps, you’re already familiar with some of the wonders of modern dentistry – i.e. dental implant. But, there’re still some quite interesting improvements that’ll worth your time. So, let’s take a quick look here:

Laser dentistry

Laser itself is considered as one of the most potential wonders of modern science. The utilization of laser in medical endeavor is not a brand new phenomenon but in dentistry, it’s relatively new and thus exciting. Just think about it – a laser powered instrument can easily find your dental cavities where the usual, manual way of poking and searching through your mouth is time consuming and highly inconvenient. Laser is currently also used to treat tumors and damaged tissues, remove dental decay, heal the nervous system and even filling the decayed teeth!

Advanced veneer

Guess what? You’re not happy with your smile and particularly not with your decayed, cracked, unusually spaced, bad looking teeth. So, here’s the solution – veneers. Dentists will resolve all those issues by applying appropriate veneers to your teeth. In fact, there’re two types of veneers – porcelain and composite resin. Where porcelain veneers are the expensive choice, the longevity of this type is much higher, say 10-15 years in contrast of 5-7 years of durability for composite resin. Modern dentistry also enjoys the gift of much thinner form of veneers for both of the types which enable the dentists to reshape your teeth more precisely.

Intra-oral camera and digital X-ray

Like doctors, dentists are always much convincing and for doing that, there key equipment is intraoral camera. Well, you can’t refuse to take the right decision of treatment after being displayed with those exact imageries from inside the mouth; thanks to the educative value of intraoral cameras. Moreover, this camera can also be used to take real – life, dynamic record of your teeth health, especially when you’re under treatment.

Digital X-ray is another tool that is proved to be much useful in identifying dental problems with high accuracy. It’s less time consuming and convenient too! X – ray is also used to test whether your jawbone structure is alright.

Dental implant

Dental implant is the most interesting and groundbreaking gift of modern dentistry. This technology is used to resolve the problems due to the missing teeth. Here, a titanium screw is inserted and integrated to the Jawbone which is later topped with a crown. Unlike traditional dental bridges and dentures, dental implant is highly durable, convenient and easy to use. In most of the cases, you may even forget that you’ve an artificial tooth in your mouth!


CAD (Computer Aided Design)/ CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) is probably known to you as engineering tools that help creating mega – structures. But behold! Modern dentistry uses these technologies to determine the size, shape, design and perfect fit for your dental restoration program. The result? Well, you can’t even distinguish between the fabricated and original teeth!

So, don’t just sit around with your dental problems. Do find an efficient practitioner and take necessary measures before it’s too late.