Reasons to Get Braces

OrthodontistBraces and retainers as well as other types of dental orthodontics can basically make life better in more than just a few ways. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror when you smile, for instance, or have tried to actually avoids smiling in public, you might be a good candidate to get braces.

A More Comfortable Mouth

Your mouth becomes much more comfortable when your teeth are in their proper places. Enjoy easy teeth cleaning when your teeth are aligned, which gives you a better overall bill of health as well. One of the most important reasons to get braces is to have a more comfortable mouth. Teeth that are crooked, crammed or misaligned are a cause of discomfort. This is the number one reason to get braces. After all, there is nothing like truly straight teeth to lead to a more comfortable smile.

Better Chewing

It can be painful and difficult to chew food when your bite is misaligned. There are also better chances of getting your teeth cracked when you have a misaligned bite, which eventually leads to more dental work necessary. Teeth that are aligned poorly are worn out unevenly. This could lead to nerves that are overexposed which can be very painful. It is also harder to talk when your bite and jaw is misaligned, which can create an unnecessary impediment in speech including embarrassing tongue thrashing or talking with a lisp. Jaw deterioration, tension headaches and muscle fatigues are also some problems caused by a misaligned jaw. When you get braces, this helps cause your jaw to align properly which will inadvertently be better for your speech and your chewing as a result.

Better Health

People with crooked teeth find that it is not as easy to get their choppers squeaky clean. Tightly crammed teeth may make it difficult to floss. Even worse, the bristles of your toothbrush may simply not be able to reach in between your teeth. Food particles and plaque can remain for days, causing teeth to rot and your overall health to decline. You can end up with gum disease, cavities and bead breath. As a matter of fact, the end result may even be loss of your teeth. Serious conditions such as diabetes and heart disease have been linked to gum disease and poor dental care. Make an appointment with your orthodontist today and see if you are eligible to get braces put in your teeth. This will no doubt solve your overall health condition for the better.

Straighter Teeth

One main reason that braces are a good idea is to get your teeth straightened. No one knows better than those with crooked teeth what a tremendous boost it is to get your teeth straightened. It does wonders to your self-esteem and confidence, to say the least. A pronounced overbite or crooked teeth are simply not the most flattering qualities in the world and can truly make you feel less attractive. To achieve a truly brilliant, confident smile, it might just take a visit to the orthodontist and a temporary set of braces to do the trick.

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