Pay Your Dentist a Visit: It’s National Women’s Health Week from May 11 to 17


People from all over the world have just celebrated Mother’s Day on May 11, and it’s just fitting that on that same week, starting from Mother’s Day to May 19, Americans get to celebrate National Women’s Health Week! It was established so that women’s health issues are addressed and promoted throughout the year. This is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with your most trusted Chandler dentist, doctor, and other healthcare provider for early detection of conditions and diseases that might prove to be life-threatening if left untreated.

Educate yourself and spread the information you will be getting from this article either by talking to them about Women’s Health Week or by sharing the link to this post on your social networking account. It is essential for young women in your family and circle of friends to know about health issues that are specific to women, as well as certain discrepancies that women encounter during treatment in order to maintain a healthy body.

It is not surprising that there are certain times when efforts towards the improvement of women’s health and well being seem to lack the attention and exposure it needs to make a significant, positive impact on women. This particular lag is addressed and targeted during National Women’s Health Week, as government institutions and health organizations reaffirm their commitment to enhancing health services that are designed to help women get the assistance they need to live long, healthy, and happy lives.

Did You Know?

  • The effects of binge drinking in women differ from men. According to CDC, approximately 1 in 8 women binge drink approximately 3 times a month.
  • Breast cancer and non-melanoma skin cancer are the most common cancers that are diagnosed in American women.
  • Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women in the US. Knowing the risk factors and controlling (if not avoiding) them can change that.
  • While 1 in 4 women are living with HIV in the United States, Black and Latina women have higher rates of diagnosis compared to women of other ethnic backgrounds.
  • Partner abuse and sexual assault continue to affect women and men in the United States.
  • STDS impact women and men differently; women may be at greater risk for some types of infection due to differences in anatomy.

The National Women’s Health Week gives women the perfect opportunity to start being proactive about their health. Consider taking the time to schedule appointments with your Chandler dentist, doctor, mental health specialist, or other health provider for screenings, checkups, physical exams, and testings. There is no better time to strengthen relationships with these health care providers and continue to strive towards a healthy life. Do not also forget to re-evaluate your health insurance literacy to save a few dollars on your expenses.

For more information about how you can improve your oral health and the procedures that you need to undergo to achieve it, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with the experienced Chandler dentist Dr. Shervin Rahimi, DDS today.