No Pain, No Gain

Proper Dental Hygiene

A set of sparkling pearly whites is a dream come true for most of us. We brush with whitening toothpaste, gargle with mouthwash, floss regularly and even nibble on whitening mints just to inexpensively achieve that “to die for” smile. But not all of us are realistically cut out for that blinding grin, not probably in the next couple of years as these over the counter remedies may take a long time to work. Not until we stretch our budget a bit wider to afford the same cosmetic dentistry procedures celebrities indulge routinely or at one point indulge on.

Fans vs. idols
People whose income partly depends on how they project on and off the camera have normal lives, too. They can use the same methods other people do like over the counter teeth whitening procedures and even a little bit more expensive procedures like getting braces for those horribly aligned teeth. But it’s not a big secret that it takes so much time for the estimated weeks of whitening printed on toothpaste boxes to kick in or the months and even years of braces adjustments that people have to endure.  Celebrities need faster results to work with their hectic schedules so they go under the knife to make sure their smiles are worthy of their fans’ praises. Many actors and actresses and people who are exposed to the multimedia have noticeably made the changes right about that time they can finally be called stars.

Popular cosmetic dentistry procedures for the stars
Music celebrities like David Bowie, Victoria Beckham, 50 Cent, Cheryl Cole, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Justin Beiber and many others splurged on porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, Invisalign and many other cosmetic dentistry procedures to make sure that when they’re out there and belting on their latest hits, they’d be able to flash that “C’mon, sing with me” smile. Top celebrities like Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Demi Moore, Catherine Zeta Jones, Nicole Kidman among others all had their fair share of raised eyebrows back in the days when they were still up and coming just because of their smiles, or the seemingly atrocious teeth that went with it. Now they’ve managed to maintain every bit of the shiny, bleached and perfectly aligned whites that they’ve invested on over their years of fame. It isn’t all about make-up, clothes, shoes or even some bits of cosmetic surgery and slimming procedures here and there, the teeth and gums have to be taken cared of especially when their lifestyle can be that hectic and stressful that like normal men and women, their oral health can be affected, too.

Be the STAR
Like celebrities, people who have normal jobs also need to take care of their oral appearance. It might be a little too extravagant, but the returns of teeth whitening, veneers and all those procedures can be worth every cent. More confidence in dealing with personal relationships, a boost of self esteem in handling business deals and a more presentable and amazing smile can be the best returns that will surely improve every facet of your life. It will be expensive and painful but working with the best in cosmetic dentistry can settle your worries and doubts. Patience and a good budgeting scheme can help you make your dream come true. Tom Cruise or even the Duchess of Cambridge aren’t the only ones who deserve oohs and aahs for their loveliest smiles, you do, too.

img c/o pixabay