Why You Need Regular Teeth Cleaning

It has been reiterated to us, time and time again: you need to go twice a year to the dentist for regular teeth cleaning. This means you have to go the dentist every six months and put yourself on that dental chair to have your teeth scraped and prodded, even without the slightest sign of infection or dental problems. Is this really necessary?

Here’s why you need regular teeth cleaning.

Prevent gum disease – The scrapping you experience during a prophylaxis has a primary function: to get rid of plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth that can lead to gum disease, tooth loss, and tooth decay. Plaque, an acidic substance that eats away tooth enamel, is the whitish film that you can sometimes feel on your teeth. By having regular teeth cleanings, frequent brushing of teeth, and flossing, you can keep the plaque from building up. Therefore, you would have stronger, cleaner teeth, for the years to come.

Freshen your breath – Have you ever felt that your breath is less than stellar even after brushing your teeth? That’s because your regular toothbrush cannot reach into some of the places of your mouth, where bacteria may be lurking. For this reason, going to the dentist regularly would ensure that all the corners of your mouth are thoroughly cleaned, giving you a healthier, fresher breath.

Improve your smile – One of the things that you can really benefit from regular teeth cleanings is having a brighter smile. Oral prophylaxis can oftentimes remove the stains from your teeth, particularly if they are caused by alcohol, caffeine, and smoking. That’s not to say that regular visits to your dentist would automatically give you a whiter set of chompers, however. There are several teeth whitening procedures that you can undergo, and an oral prophylaxis is not a guarantee that your teeth would be as white as you would want it to be after a treatment.

Maintain oral health – One of the benefits of regularly going to the dentist is that your dentist would be able to see the progression of your dental health. They would have a record of how your teeth were before, so that they would immediately see if you are at risk of gum disease or tooth loss. Furthermore, this is also an easy way to be examined for several serious diseases, such as oral cancer. There are several diseases that would first manifest on the mouth as mouth sores or lesions. This way, your dentist would be able to give you immediate advice as to how to address the possible disease or infection.

Save money – You may not think that you are saving right now, but the amount of money you spend on regular checkups (which is typically free or discounted based on healthcare programs anyway) would amount to pennies in comparison with the expensive treatments you may have to undergo if you develop serious dental problems such as severe gum disease. The price of dentures and tooth implants can also be hefty, which is how the future would look for you if you do not take care of your teeth!