Do We Need Mouthwash?

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Do we need mouthwash or it is just another commercial product that was manufactured to gain profit and to encourage us to spend? For the thrifty or for those who are in tight budget, the formulation of mouthwash is just a business move. Everyday brushing and flossing, as well as regular dental visit should be enough. Mouthwash only brings confusion in the minds of the people who wish to maintain good oral health. Can this be true?

Mouthwash supplements our efforts to improve or maintain a good oral health. All of them (daily brushing, flossing and  rinsing) contribute in our goal to prevent tooth decay, bacteria buildup and others. Most of these products have the same elements but they differ in tastes and have their own set of ingredients, such as alcohol, to suit the needs of the consumers. Those that contain detergents help in removing plaque and leftover food particles to avoid cavities.

Mouthwashes also vary in colors and flavorings to enhance their taste thereby encouraging use and significantly, to freshen breath.People who have dry mouth should not use mouthwash that has alcohol because this may only worsen their condition. They can opt for a product that is free from this. In case of gingivitis, dentists commonly recommend the use of mouth rinse with antibacterial fluoride twice every day for 30 days. These types of products also added a positive oral hygiene to us. This therefore validates the fact that usage offers benefits.

But did I answer the question “Do we need mouthwash?” with the discussion above?Yes, I did. For clarification, let me reiterate that mouthwashes do contribute in our oral care but they are not essential if we strictly follow the effective ways of brushing and flossing and if we do them regularly. We may choose to live without them especially if we pay our dentists a visit many times a year for checkup. Again, they are not necessary but they are beneficial—to us who do not suffer from dental issues. But what if we suffer from gingivitis and other dental concerns?

Should we feel pain from mouth sore and we find it difficult to brush and floss our teeth, we can temporarily rely on mouthwash to avoid accumulation of bacteria in our mouth and to prevent bad breath. The same process goes if we have undergone dental surgery. We have to rinse our mouth with it for seven days up to two weeks, while we are still suffering from pain and awaiting recovery. Mouthwash also helps us in case we deal with sensitivity issues in our teeth.

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Do we need mouthwash? Considering the argument above, I can say that the answer now greatly depends on the users themselves and on the expert advices of our dentists. If you are quite confused, you may seek help from your family dentist. She or He can give you lectures on ways to perform appropriate hygiene for your mouth. She or He can likewise give you the correct answer to the question if you need mouthwash.