May 12 to 18 is National Stuttering Awareness Week: Discovering the Link Between Stuttering and Dental Health

This year, the National Stuttering Awareness Week is celebrated from May 12 to 18, which falls on the second week of May. While the week has already passed, it is never too late to learn about stuttering and why it is an issue of concern among many Americans. Established way back in 1988, the National Stuttering Awareness Week is created to inform people about this uncommon, mild disability. You can visit a trusted Chandler dentist like Dr. Shervin Rahimi, DDS if you want to know more about how your child’s stuttering habit could be connected to his or her oral health.


What is Stuttering?

By definition, stuttering is a speech problem that is mainly characterized by pauses, repetitions, or drawn-out syllables, words, and phrases. Stutterers are far more distinguishable than other individuals with common speech fluency problems because a stutterer’s dis-fluency is typically more consistent and severe when compared to people who do not stutter, those who have other types of speech impediment.

Although stuttering is considered as one of the more common speech conditions, there is no agreed upon cause. Some medical and scientific researchers believe that stuttering is a physical condition that is caused by a certain breakdown in the neurological system. Others, however, believe that the condition is a result of specific emotional or situational events, which may include a mother’s poor nutritional health during pregnancy or the child experiencing great fear or distress during infancy and early childhood. There are also others who believe that there are medications that induce stuttering-like conditions, such as those that are used to treat allergies, depression, nerves, and lack of sleep.


Did You Know?

  • Multiple surveys have reported that people who talk openly about their stuttering and raise awareness about it encounter less stuttering-related problems, whether it is at school or in the workplace.
  • The National Stuttering Association is the first organization that encouraged individuals who stutter to speak out – fluently or not.
  • Two long-time members of the National Stuttering Association, namely Paul Castellano and Barbara Hubbard-Koval, for making a Congressional Recognition for stuttering possible. As a result, former President Ronald Reagan signed a presidential proclamation that assigned the second week of May as the National Stuttering Awareness Week.


How are Stuttering and Dental Health Related?

The condition of stuttering has also been believed to be caused by the position of the teeth. Parents have the responsibility to ensure that their children receive the appropriate medical care that is needed to lead healthy, happy lives, which includes dental care.

As a child grows and develops physically and mentally, it is the job of a respected Chandler dentist to monitor his or her dental development. When a stuttering condition makes its presence felt and is proven to be caused by poor teeth alignment or other similar reasons, the dental professional will refer the parent to a local orthodontist. If the child has a stuttering habit, this referral will most likely come earlier in your child’s developmental stages.

Early detection and treatment is necessary for the success of the dental and orthodontic treatment, so it is highly recommended that the child receives orthodontic treatment as soon as possible in order to improve the chances of overcoming the speech impediment.

For more information about the connection between stuttering and dental health, schedule an appointment with experienced Chandler dentist Dr. Shervin Rahimi, DDS today.