The Link That Binds Teeth And Recurring Migraines

Migraines and Dental Health

If you are tormented by recurring migraines, chances are your teeth has plenty to do with it. There’s enough proof today that teeth and migraines are connected. There is a dental condition called temporomandibular joint dysfunction and it is said to cause those throbbing headaches we all know as migraine. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction or popularly known in dental circles as TMJ is caused by incorrect bite and constant grinding of the teeth.

Your jaw is attached to the skull’s temporal bone and any circumstance surrounding your jaw that triggers pain can move up to your head’s temporal bone. A headache can take place because of this, and eventually turns into migraine. It can be treated though by means of an equipment called an NTI. The NTI device has been proven to be efficient when it comes to treating TMJ sufferers and likewise,

migraine patients as well. The device is fitted on the patient’s front teeth and it prevents your chompers from grinding and squeezing. Patients are advised to wear the equipment while sleeping.

Teeth grinding, which can cause TMJ, is not only an adult issue, but it affects plenty of kids as well. If your kid is always complaining of acute headaches, chances are he or she might be grinding without his or her knowledge.

Grinding was thought to be triggered by an improper bite, stress and particular medicines. Teeth grinding can hinder people from getting any real sleep and this action might even prompt them to wake up. A mouth guard can help you in padding your teeth so they can’t crunch and press on each other. Mouth guards are different as compared to mouth guards used in sports since it can fit your mouth comfortably. It is customized according to the proportions of your mouth to provide comfort.

There are also teeth conditions that can cause headaches. A splintering headache is a symptom of an impacted wisdom teeth, together with other symptoms like swelling jaw, bleeding gums and pain. If your headache is triggered by an impacted wisdom tooth. You can take temporary pain relievers like ibuprofen. If you are experiencing this symptom with other indications like a headache that won’t quit, talk to your dentist right away if a wisdom tooth is triggering the condition.

However if the dentist made you undergo a tooth extraction for your impacted wisdom tooth, make sure that you take care of it well following the procedure. Most importantly, to ensure it is healing properly, make appointments to your dentist regarding follow-ups. Tooth that was pulled out from its sockets are at high risk for infections thus all post-tooth extraction procedures must be examined well.

Then again, have your chompers inspected if you are experiencing chronic migraine attacks before they get worse. Folks from Arizona can consult with expert Chandler dental care providers for an extensive tooth exam and the procedures or treatments that will alleviate the symptoms of your condition. If you are also looking for a cosmetic dentist Arizona has skilled dental practitioners who can go over your specific condition. To conclude, taking care of your teeth will not only make your pearly whites stronger, healthier and prettier to look at, you will be keeping out certain diseases as well.

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