Let’s take care of your kid’s teeth: Halloween is here!

Halloween is knocking on the door and it’s the kids who are waiting eagerly for this one great opportunity of eating endless candies! Well, with great number of candies, comes great teeth decay! As a parent, you’ll find that decay horrible, both for short and long run. So, you may try to totally prevent the kids from taking candies. But, here’s a tip – don’t do that like a tyrant! Certainly, your intention is good but prohibiting them absolutely from taking candies will ruin their day. And believe me – you won’t be happy to see their sad faces by doing so.

So, that’s a real ‘sweet’ problem we’re facing here, eh? Fear not – solutions are on the way. Let’s confront the situation like a real strategist –

Let them know

“Let them know” – the first rule to protect your kids’ teeth during Halloween. Let’s consider the premises: you can’t completely deprive them from candies and you can’t permit them to eat them all! So, all you need to do is to let them understand the bad sides of consuming too much candies. Children, by default, are pure – hearted; hence you can easily motivate them. And once you make them promise of consuming some selected type of candies in certain number – believe me, they’ll keep their word. So, your problem is already half solved!

Determine candy type

Now you’ve explained the bad sides of too much candies, here comes the decision making part. There is a common idea that candies are bad for teeth. That’s correct – I admit! But here’s the thing: you can find countless types of candies which are capable of harming your kid’s teeth in quite a different way. So, keep them away from those hard, sticky and sour candies. Hard candies can do lengthy damage because they’ll remain in the mouth for a long time when sticky ones can’t be easily washed out. On the other hand, sour candies are highly acidic which will burn the tooth enamel. The better option can be sugar free gums, caramel free candies and most importantly – chocolates. In fact, researches show that chocolate can be pretty good for oral health.

Limit the number

Here’s the tricky part and you have to do this with real care as failing in doing so will certainly upset the kids. You can limit the number of candies they’re allowed to chew during the time. Well, there’ll be payoff because you’ll need to convince them that there are lots more interesting things on earth than those sticky, harmful candies. For instance, you can promise them a gift or a favorite toy or something not harmful yet quite convincing.

It’s cleaning time!

Brush and floss their teeth, make their mouth clean and ensure that they’re drinking enough water. Nothing is better than precaution and efficient oral cleansing will do that for you. Be careful and you and the kids may avoid a lot more trouble in the future.

Let’s raise consciousness on this teeth health issue. Enjoy a better Halloween with your family. Happy Halloween!