Let’s ask our Chandler Dentist: Is it alright to ignore tolerable pain caused by toothaches?

Painful Toothache

Majority of our Chandler dentist’s patients are middle-aged adult, where most attest to have experienced toothaches more than twice in their life-time. But of course there are those who claim they never encountered any type of toothaches before — they are either bluffing or have a superior knowledge in dental hygiene and have applied it to their daily routine successfully — Now, if toothaches are normally experienced by an average Joe, does this mean it’s alright to ignore oral pains?

But before we clarify that misleading thought, let’s first tackle the possible source of oral pains. According to our Chandler dentist, commonly, tooth decays are the first to blame when experiencing toothaches, but (they assert) we shouldn’t close our doors to other probable causes like, infections, gum diseases, grinding teeth (bruxism), tooth traumas, abnormal bites, and tooth eruptions (mostly for babies and children). In addition, there are pains that only mask as toothaches but does not originate anywhere in the mouth but somewhere else – This is what our Chandler dentists worry — such as, TMJ/TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), sinus or ear infections, and facial muscles tension that causes discomfort which resembles a toothache (but these cases are often accompanied by headache).

Toothaches are not as simple as it implies; it does not just pop out of nowhere, although it may seem that way. There are symptoms that can indicate if a toothache is mild or severe, but since these symptoms closely resemble medical conditions and dental problems, most would ignore the discomfort in their mouth and would opt for over-the-counter helps. Mind you, pain relievers (like ibuprofen and acetaminophen) can alleviate pain only for a time being, so it is not really “the best option” to take. Our Chandler Dentist emphasizes that without proper medication, the once was a simple toothache can turn into a grave medical condition. So what is the best bet in curing toothaches?

A quick visit to your Chandler dentist can help avoid infections induced by self medication. They can easily detect the main cause of toothaches by conducting a complete oral examination, checking for any swelling, redness, and obvious tooth damage. Your Chandler dentist will also mandate an X-ray procedure to provide a full coverage for a diagnosis to be complete and official incase physical symptoms are not enough. Once the source of the toothache is detected, your Chandler dentist will give you a proper prescription of medication or antibiotics to quicken the healing of toothache. If the cause of the oral pain is not from the mouth, then they will recommend a physician who specializes in whatever infection you may have; our Chandler dentists are well connected and know a number of trustworthy physicians for any type of ailment. If a patient came in too late, their tooth may already be too infected to be salvaged and treatments like removal of tooth and root canal procedure will be required. A hefty amount of cash would usually be needed for these types of dental treatments, which could have been avoided if only they did not try to self-medicate their way through the pain.

In conclusion, our Chandler dentist advises its patients not to take light of toothaches; the chances of having a typical toothache to a severe condition is 50-50. You can never be too sure. A visit to your Chandler dentist can help pinpoint the cause of your oral pain and give you proper prescriptions to hasten the healing of toothaches. But the most important aspect of your immediate visit is that it can prepare you for any precaution that needs to be done incase your toothache is caused by other serious diseases. Don’t just rely on over-the-counter medications, they can either grant a quick relief or worsen a situation. The same goes for home-made remedies, they are there for prevention but not as cure.

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