Invisalign – The Modern Way of Aligning Your Teeth

What is Invisalign?

has been one of the major cosmetic dentistry procedures introduced in 1999. BRACE yourselves and learn more of its wonderful benefits.

Invisalign is a method introduced by the world of cosmetic dentistry. It is an orthodontic treatment which needs a series of clear and removable teeth aligners as an alternative to metal braces. Wikipedia says as of April 2008 more than 730,000 patients have completed and are currently in treatment.

More about Invisalign

Invisalign uses transparent, moldable and removable aligners. While metal braces can be adjusted, invisalign has sets of aligners which will be used to align a patient’s teeth. According to an Invisalign website, a patient shall be given about 20-30 sets of different aligners for both the upper and the lower teeth. A patient is required to use these aligners for a certain period of time. Usually, each set should be worn two to three weeks before the patient comes back to the dentist’s office for a new set of aligners. If a patient is eager to have their teeth aligned it will usually take at least a year for the procedure to be finished. However, the amount of time wearing Invisalign aligners will depend on the alignment problem of each patient.


Invisalign procedure

1. Consultation – Just like any other procedure, every patient’s first step is to consult a dentist to determine their need for invisalign treatment. X-rays will be performed for evaluation.
2. Impression visit – An impression visit aims to let the dentist measure and mold the patient’s teeth. The measurements taken will be the basis of their Invisalign aligners.
3. Aligners visit – After an impression visit, invisalign aligners will now be delivered and shall be used by the patient for a given period of time.
4. Adjustment visit – The progress of the previous aligners will be checked upon the patient’s next visit. Adjustment visit aims to check the aligners and let the patient have another set of adjusted aligners.
5. Deband visit – After a series of alignments, a deband visit is next in line. This is to evaluate and determine if the patient’s teeth has been successfully aligned and to see if there is a need to undergo a refinement stage.

Who is qualified for invisalign?

Anyone! From mild cases of crooked teeth to even more difficult teeth problems such as overbite, underbite, gapped teeth, open bite, cross bite and even overly crowded teeth.


How Invisalign Works?

Invisalign is the modern approach of teeth straightening. Invisalign works well with a patient’s teeth because of its custom made aligners created only for them. Wearing these custom made aligners will gradually help a patient’s teeth to be straightened. While metal braces require a patient is to undergo series of painful adjustments, invisalign aligners works vice versa.


Invisalign vs Braces

The end results might be similar but experiences will surely be different. Check out the differences and see which is convenient for you.


1. Treats wide variety of teeth cases such as openbite, overcrowded, gapped, overbite and underbite
2. Straightens a patient’s teeth
3. Affordable costing


1. Treats a wide variety of teeth cases such as openbite, overcrowded, gapped, overbite and underbite
2. Straightens a patient’s teeth
3. Affordable costing
4. The patient can enjoy any food they want to eat
5. The patient can remove the aligners anytime they want
6. The patient can invisibly straighten their teeth
7. The patient can brush and floss their teeth normally
8. The patient will be provided replacements if lost or broken

Knowing the pros and cons of both options will help a patient be more confident with their decision. Ask yourself which is a more convenient solution for you.


Oral hygiene for Invisalign patients

To maximize the results and the amount of money invested for invisalign, there are oral hygiene best practices advised for most patients. This aims to keep the aligners clean and sterilized all the time. Below are oral hygiene tips and guidelines which a patient can follow.

1. Cleaning systems – Your cosmetic dentistry professional should be able to provide you with the invisalign cleaning system. This should also be included in the package that you have chosen for your teeth. When used regularly, this cleaning system will help remove plaque and other debris from the aligners.
2. Brushing – Once you begin wearing your aligners, you are required to be more careful and clean. Brushing your teeth and flossing them after every meal is a must. You may need to soak your aligners in a solution while brushing your teeth.
3. Homemade solutions – If a patient doesn’t want to pay extra, they have an option to make their homemade soaking solution. A combination of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and bleach mixed together with a bit of water can be one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to clean your Invisalign.

Following these simple cleaning tips plus your dentist’s guidelines may lead to avoidance of oral problems such as gingival inflammation, caries and hypo-calcifications.


Foods to avoid

What foods to avoid is one of the major queries of a patient who is on an Invisalign treatment. Below is the list that might help these patients:

1. Pizza crust
2. Hard rolls and the likes
3. Bones
4. Chips and the likes
5. Nuts
6. Popcorns
7. Chewing gums
8. Caramel candies
9. Gummy candies
10. Tea
11. Coffee
12. Soft Drinks/Sodas
13. Red wine

Basically, foods that are very hard to chew such as the ones listed above, sticky and can stain a patient’s teeth should be avoided. Once a patient decides to take the challenge of Invisalign aligners he or she should be able to follow what is expected for it to work. Failure to do so will lessen the effectivity of the Invisalign aligners and may cause delay of treatment.


What to expect in Invisalign?

If you are really concerned and curious how this treatment works, knowing what to expect ahead of time can be of great help. This aims to practically and psychologically prepare a patient for the procedure. Just like the benefits of metal braces, invisalign also aims to straighten your teeth, but brings to the patient a whole different world of experience. It is more comfortable to wear; in fact you may remove it anytime you wish. The length of treatment will definitely be a case to case basis but the bottom line is you can expect an even more beautiful smile minus the crooked teeth! Ask your Chandler dentist now and start your invisalign treatment!

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