Where to go for Invisalign in Chandler, Arizona?

Chandler, Arizona is a city in Maricopa City, and is a suburb of Phoenix. It is bordered by the cities of Tempe, Mesa, Gila River Indian Community, Gilbert, and Phoenix. It has been awarded as a Playful City USA for six consecutive years because of the initiatives the city took to make play a priority throughout the city. Chandler offers a variety of amusement parks, recreational amenities and aquatic centers that both residents and tourists can enjoy.


Chandler and its Dental Centers

Kyrene Family Dentistry is the Perfect Place to Get InvisalignPlay is not the only activity or main attraction the city offers. With over 170 dental centers and clinics scattered all over Chandler, it can be said that the city also takes into consideration the significance of one’s dental health and hygiene.

When evaluating a dental center that you will choose to acquire dental health services from, it is important that you choose one that would provide the best services and cater to the dental health care needs for you and your family. More importantly, you must choose a center that will be able to give you your money’s worth, one who provides exceptional dental services from highly-experienced and highly-trained dental specialist.

Kyrene Family Dentistry is comprised of reliable team of dentists backed with valuable up-to-date knowledge and best practices in the field of dentistry. Being 10 years in the service, it is a sure place to get time-tested dental care from. They offer the latest treatment approaches and their clinic has state-of-the-art dental technology that enables them to provide the top-grade services in the city. The center is open Monday to Thursday 8AM to 5PM, Saturday is by appointment, and is closed during Sunday.


Invisalign at Kyrene Family Dentistry

First introduced in 1998, Invisalign is a modern approach and an alternative to metallic braces when it comes to teeth alignment. Invisalign corrects and aligns crooked or misaligned teeth with the use of clear plastic aligners that when placed over the teeth will move them with precision. A patient will have a set of 20 to 30 different aligners for both upper and lower teeth that is worn for a specific period of time, usually at about 2 or 3 weeks at a time and will be changed during the next visit to the dentist.


Why should you consider Invisalign?

Fewer Trips to the Dentist

By merely using plastic aligners, there will be no need to use conventional metallic braces. There will be less dental visits as there will be no more metallic brackets that need to be attached, tightened and readjusted.

Undeniable Comfort

Metallic braces are known for its inconvenience as it affects one’s daily living. With Invisalign, brushing and flossing will be a breeze; eating would also be easier because you can remove the aligners anytime you need to even while treatment is ongoing.


Invisalign aligners are made of smooth, clear plastic that is practically invisible. People around you would barely notice that you are wearing one. Wearing the plastic aligners gives you the confidence to flash a smile as compared to using metallic braces which can be a source of ridicule especially to teenagers.


Invisalign is best for people who are active in sports. No more worrying about being hit around the mouth and getting cut on the lip because of the brackets.


Why is Kyrene Family Dentistry the Perfect place to Get Invisalign?

Respected and well known in the field of Dentistry in Chandler, Kyrene Family Dentistry specializes in Invisalign and has helped a number of patients who have gone to see them with teeth alignment problems. Using Invisalign, they are able to transform the smiles of their patients and has helped restore their confidence when smiling upon completing the treatment.

If you are living within the area, don’t hesitate to make an appointment, the team at Kyrene Family Dentistry will be most willing to assist you to your journey towards gaining that perfect set of pearly whites.


Kyrene Family Dentistry: The Center that is Right for You

As the leading center in Chandler, Kyrene Family Dentistry provides a wide variety of dental services that are tailored to the care that you and your family needs. These are:

Kyrene Family Dentistry works with a comprehensive list of insurance companies. For a specific roster of accredited insurance companies, you may check this list. If your insurance provider is not included in the list, you may contact the Kyrene Family Dentistry team to see how they can work with you.

The center is open for all kinds of patients, whether by appointment, walk-in, emergency cases, insured, and private paying. The friendly, accommodating and supportive team of dentists and staff will make sure that you get the best care the moment you step through their doors, up to the time you walk out.


Chandler, The Fun City

AZ Central lists the top 10 things that should be in your bucket list if you live or if you wish to visit Chandler. One of which is the Chandler Ostrich Festival. This originated with the city founder Dr. A. J. Chandler, who was said to have ostrich farms in the 1900s. The festival commences in March each year; music, food, and rides are among the events to look forward to at this time of the year. What they consider as the main attraction would be the Ostrich Races where the people will race each other riding the 200 pound bird chariot style or riding style.

Living up to their title as a Fun City in USA, the city also offers holistic and fun-filled activities for both the young and the old. With an assortment of activities and classes to choose from, based on their areas of interest. Swim classes, sports clinics and sports camps for people and children who have active lifestyles; fitness centers that provide individual and group classes; as well as the appreciation of the arts through classes, camps, and clinics, can all be enjoyed by the people who live here.