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Introducing the Smart Tooth for Better Dental Health Care


There is a new and promising invention that is set to revolutionize the way dentists and dietitians do their work. Called the “smart tooth,” this device monitors a patient’s oral habits by keeping a record of the gross and minute movement of the jaws. A group of researchers from the National University of Taiwan developed the Smart Tooth  in order to allow doctors to monitor a patient’s eating, chewing, drinking, coughing, and smoking activity.

This innovation is guided by the idea that all oral activities are accompanied by a unique jaw movement. This means that the Smart Tooth is beneficial for benefit virtually all branches of of healthcare. According to the researchers, if a doctor has a patient with breathing difficulties, he or she could use could use the data from the Smart Tooth to create an accurate respiratory profile. Physicians and dietitians could also use the Smart Tooth to find out whether patients are not following the prescribed treatments or lying about their smoking or eating patterns.

The Smart Tooth takes advantage of the fact that the mouth is a portal into to the human health, it is used to perform daily functions that is necessary in order for people to survive such as speaking, breathing, and chewing. This oral sensory system they developed has the potential to further enhance whatever healthcare monitoring methods are used nowadays.

The device can be used as a detachable fake tooth or inserted in a certain crown. Once it is installed, a tiny motion sensor inside the device will start registering the movement of the jaw. The acquired data will then be uploaded to a computer, which will then interpret the pattern and pair it with a particular oral action.

The researchers tested the device by enrolling eight volunteers in an experiment. The volunteers were then asked to perform one of four 30-second tasks, which were:

  • chewing gum
  • reading a book out loud
  • drinking water
  • coughing

Amazingly, the Smart Tooth was able to determine what specific action each volunteer performed. The accuracy was at a stunning 94 percent. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Trevor Johnson of the Faculty of General Dental Practice of the UK said that the oral sensory system can be used to monitor and analyze the subconscious behavior that patients usually  cannot estimate on their own.

For dentistry applications, the sky’s the limit. The Smart Tooth can be used in so many ways. It could be used as a research tool or for monitoring patients who are under a program or treatment. The use of an oral sensory system like Smart Tooth can positively impact a wide variety of dental services and processes.

Taking care of the teeth is a small part in man’s daily activities, but it can go a long way in terms of saving an individual from thousands of dollars’ worth of surgery. Learn about proper oral health maintenance and dental health care services today by visiting