Interested in Upgrading that Smile? Cosmetic Dentistry is the Solution.

Improve your smile with Cosmetic Dentistry
Whether it is for tooth replacement, closing spaces, shaping or whitening, cosmetic dentistry is now more popular in Chandler than ever. The good news is that dentists have a broad range of techniques and tools to use for the improvement of your smile.

Mainly, cosmetic dentistry has to do with enhancing the smile of a person and the appearance of teeth. The emphasis of this field is in the art and not just the science of dentistry. Creating white teeth on the surface or even adding in entirely whole teeth is what cosmetic dentistry is about. This requires not just a real understanding of the anatomy of teeth but also requires a good eye. Mastering the materials necessary will bring great results. More than this, your dentist in Chandler will also need to be able to communicate what he has in mind to the technician in the laboratory for you to have a great smile makeover. The lab technician is, after all, a key player in all this. In the dental profession, cosmetic dentistry is a specialty that takes expertise, such as the kind you will find at Kyrene Family Dentistry in Chandler. It takes years of training and intense study to perform procedures of cosmetic dentistry in the most optimal standards.

On Your First Visit

When you first go through a consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Chandler, let your dentist know what you want to change and what you dislike and like about your smile. Bring photos of teeth that you love and how you want your smile to appear. Underlying health issues may be discovered as well when discoloured teeth or missing teeth is the issue. You should go through a comprehensive oral exam before anything else.


If there are extra spaces between teeth or if these are cracked, stained, broken or chipped, bonding may help improve the appearance of teeth. Also, dentists can use materials for bonding to protect a tooth’s exposed root or to fill in smaller cavities. Usually, dentists can do these procedures in one visit by the application of a solution for etching followed by composite resins and other tooth-colored materials directly to the surface of each tooth that needs it. It takes several years for bonding to last. More than other restoration types, however, these are more likely to wear down, become stained or to chip.

Whitening Teeth

Teeth over time can become discoloured or stained particularly after consuming drinks and food such as tea and coffee, taking specific medications and after smoking. When a chemical process is used, your dentist might use bleach in a procedure in his office or give you an at-home system to use.
A mouthpiece custom-made for you ensures the right amounts of whitener to penetrate your teeth. It may feel more convenient for you to do the whitening at home, but these may take up to four months to work. Whitening in the doctor’s office can be accomplished in just two hours, or less.

Of course, if you expose your teeth to the same substances, food and drink that stained them originally, they can be stained again. Since products for whitening are not meant for teeth cleaning, it is still a good idea to continue the practice of oral daily hygiene by flossing your teeth once a day and brushing twice. Use a mouthwash to rinse each day as well.

Looking for a cosmetic dentist you can trust is important to finally be able to acquire the smile and the perfect set of teeth you have been longing for.