Healthy Oral Habits You can start doing in 2015

Most people visit their dentist complaining different tooth problems like gum diseases, tooth decay and many more. How can we avoid these oral problems?  First know how you can take good care of your mouth. Second learn to apply the tips written in this article. And lastly do it regularly. If you follow these, then your chances of achieving optimum oral health care is guaranteed.

Take care of your teeth and gum.

Do you know that every time you put some food in your mouth there can be some trapped foods that can turn into bacteria and acid which can damage your teeth and infect your gum?  If your gum is infected, your gum will lose fibers that support the teeth and will result in tooth loss. How to prevent this? The answer is simple, brushing your teeth and flossing your teeth regularly. When I say brushing of teeth, it’s not just a simple brushing. Brush your teeth with not too much force, brush it gently 45 degrees against your gum and move it in circular motion and do this for around three minutes. Avoid hitting your gum so that it won’t be damaged. Do not use hard-bristled toothbrush when brushing your teeth, a brush with excessively firm bristles may irritate the gums and lead to sensitive teeth. Don’t forget to brush your tongue as well to avoid bad breath. Flossing is also important as tooth brushing. Floss your teeth regularly. Remember plaque is the cause of gum diseases and tooth loss so do this thoroughly. After brushing and flossing rinse with antimicrobial liquid if you notice any blood.

Avoid foods that can damage your teeth.

unhealthy for teeth

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Foods with a lot of sugar aren’t  good for your teeth – foods like hard candies, cookies, ice creams, sweet juices and soft drinks has plenty of sugar that can turn into acids which can damage your tooth easily. How can acid damage our teeth? When our saliva contains too much acid, calcium which protects our tooth can easily be dissolved, a process called demineralization. If this continues you will lose enough tooth structure and develop a hole in your tooth which can cause cavities. Remember a healthy diet is always important not just for our teeth but for the whole body as well.

Avoid bad dental habits

There are several bad dental habits that we should avoid, to make our mouth healthy. Eating solid ice cubes, its brittleness and cold temperature can cause the teeth to fracture which can cause bigger dental problems over time. Another is avoid using your teeth as a tool, don’t use your teeth to do odd jobs like opening cans, uncap bottles and etc. This causes teeth to weaken and can also cause fraction to your teeth. Third, do not grind your teeth.  Due to stress, there is a tendency to grind our teeth – avoid this practice because it wears your teeth down and can cause gum problems. Our mouth is for talking and eating not for cutting and other odd jobs.

These are just some of the tips we’ve come up – how about you, what other tips can you share?