Healthy New Year’s Resolution: Have Yourself Tested for Oral Cancer

Have Yourself Tested for Oral Cancer

Another year is unfolding and resolutions are back in the spotlight. The year 2014 most definitely presents an opportunity for individuals to improve their health and most people make it a prioritize getting medical check-ups and undergoing annual tests to determine their current health situation. One of these tests involve screening the mouth for any signs of oral cancer.

While getting regular cleaning and exams help take care of your teeth, these services cannot solely prevent any threat to your oral health. There are some possible dangers that require a special visit to a dentist in Chandler, AZ at least once or twice a year, unless you want to experience losing all of your teeth in the future.

This year, you may want to start giving more attention to oral cancer and what you can do to minimize, if not eliminate, any chances of developing the dreadful disease. With a scheduled visit to your trusted dentist, you will be able to detect whatever suspicious activity is going on inside your mouth. The goal is to spot dental problems before they can do anything bad to the teeth, gums, tongue, and other areas of the mouth.

Besides scheduling a bi-annual dental appointment with your trusted Chandler dentist, an oral cancer screening is highly recommended. Oral cancer is one of the most common types cancer in the country, with around 42,000 cases reported for 2013, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation. In the United States alone, around 100 people each day gets diagnosed with the disease. People who are usually diagnosed are aged 45 years or older, and is more common in men than in women.

This is why it is very important to discover oral cancer during its earlier stages, because once the cancer spreads, it will be a lot harder to manage and even treat. Moreover, it will be more painful and debilitating as the disease progresses. This dreadful type of cancer causes approximately 8,000 deaths every year.

By catching it early on, a cancer patient’s chances of overcoming the disease significantly increases from around 50 percent to a much more comfortable 80 percent chance.

The Screening

When you visit any Chandler dentist for an oral cancer screening, he or she can perform a variety of tests. There is no particular way of checking for oral cancer. One of the most widely used following procedures conducted by dentists in Chandler and the surrounding areas is the soft tissue exam. This involves visually inspecting the oral cavity and palpating the head and neck. Lesions and other abnormal growths are usually a cause for alarm, as well as red and white patches. Other telltale signs include rough spots or thickening lumps in the mouth or throat, numbness of the lips or mouth, changes in teeth alignment, and increased tooth sensitivity.

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