How to Get Your Children Off of Santa’s Naughty List with Proper Dental Hygiene

Christmas Dental Hygiene

It’s that time of the year again and Santa’s out there checking out children from all over the world and seeing if they are worthy of getting a very special gift coming all the way from the North Pole. Well, at least that’s what you tell your kids in preparation for Christmas. Since Santa only gives presents to obedient, young kids, it’s definitely a perfect time to instill good oral care habits among children, if they still believe in Santa that is.

If they don’t anymore, you don’t necessarily have to tell them they aren’t going to receive any this year. Instead, you can tell them that the quality of their gifts could very well depend on just how obedient they are when it comes to practicing good oral health care. You can start now and reset right after Christmas, so your kids have one whole year to practice healthy eating habits and maintain good dental hygiene.

We have rounded up a number of dental care tips for your teenagers and younger ones to follow and regularly practice:

Proper Diet

Do not let your kids get accustomed to eating foods that are high in sugar, as well as beverages that are loaded with caffeine. Junk foods aren’t much of a help too, so stock up on fruits and veggies, and less on processed foods that are full of preservatives and other unhealthy chemicals. Consult with a trusted Chandler dentist and ask for a list of recommended foods that are great for maintaining sound oral health.

Dental Hygiene

Children, as soon as they become the least bit independent, should be encouraged to take proper care of their teeth. This includes not only brushing twice a day, but also flossing and rinsing. It is important that these three go together because regular brushing is not enough to keep bacteria and cavities away.

Teenagers, especially, are conscious about their appearance. Take time to sit down with them and discuss how bad oral hygiene can cause bad breath, teeth stains, and missing teeth. Before you know it, their whole outlook on dental hygiene may just change dramatically in a positive manner.

Oral Health Care Supplies

Keep your supplies of toothbrushes, dental floss, and toothpaste somewhere your kids can remember to use. Keep one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, so that even when they are in a hurry, they can still remember to brush their teeth. You can also make your supplies pleasing to the senses, which means great tasting toothpastes, stylish brushes, and flavored flosses. You can ask a reputable dentist in Chandler AZ for recommendations.

Set a Good Example

Of course, you have to lead by example. Most dental care habits that children practice are just emulated from somebody influential or close to them. So if you see to it that you are practicing good oral hygiene, then all your discussion about brushing, flossing, and rinsing regularly will not appear hypocritical to your children. When visiting your family dentist in Chandler or in other areas, bring your kids along so they can get accustomed to regular dental visits.

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