Foods And Drinks That Naturally Clean Teeth

Foods And Drinks That Naturally Clean Teeth

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Keeping your pearly whites pearly and clean means choosing the right food. Aside from just brushing your teeth a few times a day, here are a few snacks you can chomp on to get yourself the naturally clean teeth you long for.

Garlic and Onions

When it comes to food that clean teeth naturally, garlic and onions eaten raw work wonders. Compounds called thiosulfonates and thiosulfinates reduce bacteria. This reduces plaque production and promotes healthy teeth. Teeth won’t get stained as both onions and garlic are colourless.


Cavity-prevention happens when you eat basil raw as this herb has properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is sometimes called a natural antibiotic.


Salmon contains vitamin D that helps the body absorb nutrients, phosphorous and calcium that contributes to a great smile and strengthens teeth.

Shitake Mushrooms

Shitake Mushrooms have a type of sugar called lentinan which does not promote decay in teeth. Rather, this fungus prevents bacteria that cause plaque from thriving on your pearly whites.


Prevent stains from forming on teeth and keep yourself hydrated in the process by drinking water. After drinking or eating foods rich in pigment, swish water around your mouth to keep a brighter, whiter smile. The overall acidity in your mouth is reduced with water. This also lessens the damage on tooth enamel. Make sure that you drink regular water so that the surface of your teeth does not erode the way it does with the sparkling variety.


Snack on celery sticks while saying goodbye to stained teeth on your next lunch break. The cellulose in celery is fibrous and acts as nature’s toothbrush. Saliva production is stimulated with the high water content. This makes celery a great, all-natural cleanser for your mouth.

Virgin or Sesame Oil

Oil pulling is a method of gargling through swishing oil throughout the mouth for 15 minutes. Between your teeth, substance is pulled vigorously back and forth. Nutrients from the oil are absorbed by the mucous membranes. There are three fatty acids including vitamins E, B and A as well as calcium and iron in sesame oil alone. Get cavity-free teeth and healthier gums with the antibacterial properties of coconut oil. Just make sure not to swallow any of it and you should be on your way to a truly pearly-white smile, not to mention a squeaky-clean mouth.

Plain Popcorn

Popcorn with no flavour is also a way to scrub the surface of your teeth. This method works particularly well when you don’t have a tooth brush lying around at the moment. Eating plain popcorn is crispy and firm enough to clean your teeth as you eat them. Maintain healthy teeth on the go with a bowl of plain popcorn.

There are more than a few ways to keep those teeth clean and the food and drinks mentioned here are but a few methods. Not only will eating healthy clean your teeth, it will also get your entire system in better health in the long run.