Five Common Misconceptions on Oral Health

oral health

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Your overall health includes oral health and while every person likes taking care of their mouth, there are still many questions that most have. Often, individuals of all walks of life want to know about gum disease, flossing, brushing and general oral health. A healthy body means a healthy mouth and it pays to know what some misconceptions are with regards to oral health. Here are the five misconceptions most common to those that do care about their teeth.

Whitening Teeth

There are various systems for teeth whitening that your dentist uses. Usually these vary in the concentration of carbamide peroxide, the active ingredient. These are effective, safe systems that will help lighten the enamel of your teeth up to four shades lighter. Getting tooth whitening done within the office of the dentist is available using high strength whitening ingredients. These require about an hour of your time but tend to be equivalent to a month of systems you can do at home. The best part is that these tend to be safe to use more than ever before.

Braces for adults

These days, some adults are still apprehensive about getting braces, no matter how much their smile needs it. The fact is that braces these days are available for people of every age, not matter how long they have suffered with misaligned teeth or how young they happen to be. These days, it only takes a few months rather than years to correct a crooked smile. Plus, the newer types of braces cost much less than the old style kind.

Gum disease

Among all the aspects of health, gum disease is probably one of the most misunderstood. Since gums that bleed are an indication of something more serious, when gums don’t bleed, people think everything is absolutely fine. The bad news is that actually by the time your gums are bleeding, the situation has progressed. For this reason, paying attention to what goes on in your mouth and using a gentle toothbrush for brushing your teeth is recommended.


Most moms tell their kids to floss when they were younger. If this sounds like your mother, than you probably won’t be surprised if your dentist tells you the same thing. As a matter of fact the truth about flossing is that it is not something you are supposed to do just on Saturdays. On the contrary, making flossing a daily habit is part of great overall oral health. After all, it takes just a few more minutes more to get your teeth both brushed and flossed, so go for it.

Overall health and oral health are not related

Often, your overall health is indicated by oral health. As a matter of fact, one big indication of poor general health is mouth trouble. Taking the health of your mouth seriously includes daily flossing, brushing and the use of mouthwash. Take note of anything unusual happening in your mouth such as gums that are bleeding. Taking care of your body is paramount to great mouth health as well. It is as simple as that.