Fighting Dental Cavity: The Beginners’ Guide

Ever faced dental cavity? YES!! That’s the standard answer for almost 100% people round the world. We usually face dental cavity when we’re mere kids but that was not the serious issue as we were yet to have our permanent teeth then. Of course, dental cavity as a kid is as painful as in older days but when your permanent teeth decayed due to the cavity – that’s a matter of great remorse! If you don’t face the problem as an adult yet, just talk to somebody with that problem – you’ll be terrified by the severity of pain and inconvenience that dental cavity can create.

Like any other health related issues, the rule of thumb – ‘prevention is better than cure’ is also the best practice in fighting dental cavity. But before taking a glimpse on those preventive measures – what’s actually dental cavity? Well, it’s the decay of your teeth that caused by acids created by the hyper active, sugar eating bacteria. These bacteria, billions of them, inhibit in your mouth and they’re particularly fond of sugar or sugar based foods. So, when you eat those types of foods, bacteria take the legitimate share. The actual problem begins later when they convert the food sugar in acids and release that in your mouth – slowly decomposing your tooth. The ultimate question is – why tooth? Why not the other parts of your mouth? Well, bacteria live in the dental plaques (the sticky layer that forms with the food remnants) of your mouth. So, they choose to destroy the teeth – the foundation of their village! Not fair at all, right? Now you know how you lose the healthy teeth to the invasion of bacteria fueled cavity – the fighting field is even here. So, let’s explore how to fight dental cavity –

  • It says that the best way to win the war is to prevent it from being started! Why would you wait for the cavity? Instead, just refuse the existence of plaque which is the prerequisite of cavity. For this, brush twice (at least) a day following the scientific method and make your mouth free from all types of food fragments. Don’t forget to floss too!
  • Use fluoride enriched toothpaste. Fluoride is the arch nemesis of those bacteria as this mineral, along with Calcium and Phosphate strengthens the teeth.
  • Take a long – run, sustaining break from sugar. Yes, you can’t get rid of sugar once and for all. But why don’t just be bit more conscious? For instance, take sugary foods only in occasion (and perhaps in celebration!) will reduce the dominion of dent killing bacteria – guaranteed! If you do like to chew something – chew sugarless gums! And the interesting fact is, chewing chocolate (especially the dark ones) is actually good for oral health).
  • Take nutritious foods and check up your oral health regularly. Hey, teeth are not some isolated part of your body – they need nutrition too. So, eat healthy foods that contain teeth – friendly minerals like calcium and ensure the longevity of these invaluable assets of yours!

That’s all! You go through all these tiny procedures (actually habits) and you won’t repent in later days of your life – for healthier teeth lead to better life!