Eleven Common Habits That Are Terrible for Your Teeth (Part 1)

A beautiful smile is an important part of a person’s appearance and is one of the first things people notice when speaking with someone. The teeth, however, are very sensitive and need constant care and attention in order to remain in tiptop shape. A regular visit to a trusted Chandler dentist is not enough to save your teeth from getting damaged. Good oral hygiene must be maintained if you want to maintain an alluring, pearly white smile.

While people are perfectly familiar with good oral habits such as brushing, flossing, rinsing, and tongue scraping, there are some habits that do more harm than good to your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth. The good news is that these common habits can be unlearned. Let’s take a look at some of them and see how you can better take care of your teeth by avoiding these harmful habits.

Bad Habit #1: Smoking

Smoking kills. It is eternally the number one health hazard that so many people cannot stop but get addicted to doing. The dental concern with cigarette smoking is that it produces brown and yellow stains on your teeth, making them unsightly. Smoking can also cause gum disease and in some cases, increases a person’s chances of developing mouth cancers.

Bad Habit  #2: Crunching

You might probably know a good number of people who have this as a habit, and you would be doing them yourself a favor (if ever you like to crunch on ice cubes every chance you get) if you minimizing the amount of time you spend on it. Crunching popcorn, candies, and other similar food can bring significant damage to your teeth’s enamel.

Bad Habit #3: Sipping

Millions of people sip on soda almost everyday like it is already an essential part of their lives. If you like to sip on soda during lunch, then you need to know that your teeth suffers every time you do. This is because soda and other beverages have a great deal of acid, which causes tooth decay. Sodas also have high levels of sugar content which bacterial residing on your teeth loves, prompting them to produce more acid that damages your teeth. If you want to keep on drinking these beverages, then you might want to use a straw so they go straight to your throat and not get as much contact with your pearly whites.

Bad Habit #4: Using Teeth as Tools

Ridiculous idea, right? Actually, you would be surprised how many people do this. Even you might have done this at least once or twice when you needed to open a bottle or tearing that packet of ketchup. Using your teeth as an emergency alternative to scissors and pliers can cause fractures and other mouth injuries.

Bad Habit #5: Brushing Too Hard

There is actually such as thing as brushing too hard. There are people who think that the harder they brush, the more germs or bacteria they can kill and flush out of their mouths. What they do not know is that going overboard in terms of brushing your teeth can damage the enamel, not to mention irritate the gums. So the next time you start brushing, try to remember that gentler is better.

Read other half of this article at https://www.kyrenefamilydentistry.com/. Meanwhile, try to avoid these bad habits and do not forget to visit your Chandler dentist for a regular checkup. Who knows your teeth might have experienced the effects of these habits already, so it pays to know what treatments are available for you.