More Dentists’ Secrets Revealed

Over bleaching Can Make Teeth Translucent

If you bleach your teeth too often, it can thin the enamel. Your teeth can end up almost translucent.
Bleaching your teeth once every six months is enough — no more. Now some treatments take 10 days, seven days or three days. That just means there’s varying amounts of whitener in the strips.
And if you’re finding that the gel irritates your teeth and gums, just use a fluoride rinse or gel before and afterward. It will make your teeth much less sensitive.

Don’t Get the Deep Cleaning When You Only Need the Regular Kind

Some dentists will say you need a deep cleaning because they can charge your insurance company more for that than for a standard cleaning. But unless an exam shows you have a lot of tartar on your roots or other specific signs of disease, you probably don’t need it.

Here’s how you know: When they stick the scraper in your mouth and start calling out numbers, if those numbers are mostly threes or below, you can get a regular cleaning. If those numbers are fours, fives or above, then you need the deep cleaning.

They Blame You When Baby Teeth Go Bad

It’s not unusual for me to see a beautiful little child dressed to the nines with teeth rotted down to the gums. And I’ll see teenagers from affluent homes with nine cavities. It’s just a total breakdown in parental supervision.