Dental implant: here’s what you need to know!

Here’s the scenario – you’ve lost the tooth and the traditional remedies like denture or dental bridge are seem to be inadequate. The final solution is obviously dental implant, the crown jewel of modern dentistry. But before taking the decision you need to have a reasonable understanding over the whole process. So, let’s have a quick look here and believe me – it’ll worth your time if you’re suffering from such dental emergencies!

Options first!

Certainly, you’ve options other than dental implant – dental bridges or dentures. Dental bridge is an artificial filler tooth that fills in the gap of the lost tooth. Here, that artificial bridge (an artificial tooth) is supported by the natural teeth from both sides of the gap.

On the other hand, Dentures are removable false teeth that can be complete or partial. A partial denture substitute one or more missing teeth when a complete denture substitutes the whole upper or lower jaw. These false teeth are usually made of metal or acrylic.

Well, there are problems with both of these. Dental bridges use the healthy teeth as support; thus damage them in the long run – too bad for your teeth, eh! On the other hand, denture, whether partial or complete (upper/lower jaw), are really inconvenient due to the noise it makes and the natural tendency of slipping out from the mouth. Trust me – you won’t like it when it happens. The key problem is – both of these remedies are temporary and really inconvenient. And that’s when the utility of dental implant comes forth.

So, what’s dental implant?

Dental implant is the infusion of a titanium post into your jawbone at the place of the missing tooth. After the titanium – bone integration is completed; the top side of the post is covered by an artificial tooth. Unlike the options given above, it’s permanent and highly resembles the utilities of the original tooth. Moreover, the implanted tooth has impressive longevity; thanks to the titanium post and bone – metal integration. Dental implant also considerably reduces the problems with other replacement options provided above.

How this works?

First thing, the whole process takes much longer time then other options. Usually, it’s a two part process – implanting the post into your jawbone and put the crown on top. Here, the first part (integration) may take 3-6 months – depending on the healing capacity of the patient. Now about cost – dental implant is the costliest option you have. Varying in nature, the cost can be $1000-$3000 for a single tooth! Well, the cost certainly worth it and you can look for discounts too.

Generally, implanted tooth looks quite original that makes you feel good. They won’t put pressure on neighboring teeth; thus saving them from further decay. There’s one thing to remember though – never forget to take care of your implanted tooth. Clean it like the regular ones (brush/floss) and get in touch with your dental practitioner.

So, what do you think? It’s high time to implant that missing tooth of yours and regain the shiny smile, right?