Dental Hygiene Checklist for Your Children to Ensure Better Oral Health

Oral Hygiene for Kids

As a parent, you should also focus on the oral health of your children. You should set hygiene habits for them to follow. These will not only make sure that they have clean teeth and healthy gums. These will likewise prevent them from suffering from future dental problems. On the other hand, good dental hygiene will help them avoid imminent dental costs. More important, this may greatly contribute to good overall health. Ask advice from your dentist in Chandler AZ. Checklist for good dental hygiene may include these items:

1. Toothpaste: Your kids should use toothpaste with fluoride. It can better help them get rid of plaque to prevent tooth decay. Place a small amount in their toothbrush.

2. Toothbrush: Buy toothbrush that has tapered end so it can access and therefore clean even hard-to-reach teeth. Choose the product that has soft bristles as well to prevent damaging their tooth enamel and their gums.

Do not allow your kids to share toothbrush. Label them properly or assign colors for them to make sure that they will use their own. Keep toothbrushes in a manner that they will not cause cross-contamination.

1. Rinsing: There are mouthwash products available for children. However, you may want to think real hard before allowing them to use one. Some may not be appropriate for them and may even place them at risk. Your dentist in Chandler AZ can give you more factual information about this so do not forget to discuss this with her. To ensure the safety of your kids, you may just ask them to wash their mouth with water after eating or when brushing their teeth is not possible due to some valid reasons.

2. Tooth Doctor: Soon as the first tooth erupts, bring your child to a dentist in Chandler AZ. Find the one that specializes in pediatric dentistry. Before choosing, you may want to visit the dental office alone first and see if the ambience is friendly enough to eliminate possible fear. You may also want to meet the dental professional beforehand to gauge if he is accommodating and extra kind to children. Significantly, inquire if the dentist is available in case of dental emergencies. Ask referrals from relatives and friends. Place the name and the contact number of the dentist somewhere where everyone can see so anyone can make a call in case of dental emergency.

3. Tongue Cleaner: Buy a tongue cleaner to allow your kids to clean their tongue thereby preventing the buildup of bacteria, fungi and food debris. This will also avoid getting bad breath.

Soon as the first tooth comes out, you should teach your children to take care of their teeth and gums. They will maintain good dental hygiene as they grow. Do not think that because theirs are just baby teeth, which may soon be replaced with permanent ones, it is not necessary for you to take care of them. You have to understand that baby teeth assist in the proper placement of adult teeth as they erupt. Talk to your dentist in Chandler AZ about this.

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