The Danger in Over-the-counter Teeth Whitening Products

Disadvantages of Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Products

Ever since, color has been highly associated with the criteria for physical beauty, like fair skin tone, clear emerald eyes, jet black hair; all are different in every nation. But one color in particular, that the majority of society seems to agree on, are white teeth.

In America alone, consumers have spent over 1.4 Billion dollars just on teeth whiteners. From trays to paint-on, teeth whiteners promise a glowing smile that will get you through the day. Sadly, the whitening effects of over-the-counter products are never permanent. So is the amount invested really worth it?

Although teeth whiteners are still being bought from drug stores as you read this, dental specialists forewarn consumers about the risks in using at-home dental products. The effectiveness of OTC teeth whiteners depends partially on the brand and highly on how well a person would follow instructions. Although there are some brands that actually work, like Crest Whitestrips, there are still problems encountered during use.

  1. Overuse or Over application

This is probably the most common issue for otc teeth whitener users — They just can’t avoid overdoing it. In their desire to have instant pearly white smiles, as promised by the ads, they deem to disregard the instructions indicated on the product’s casing.

Teeth are naturally not white; genetics have proven that fact. Originally, permanent white teeth are not simply possible because our teeth’s coloration differs depending on lifestyle and race. If you’ve been exposed to many vices such as tobacco and beer, never expect your teeth to whiten overnight in one application.

Did you notice that all teeth whiteners never promise permanent white teeth? Otc whiteners are only meant for occasional use and is never meant to be applied everyday. So even if you say that you used the right amount daily, the problem lies in ‘using it daily’ and not in the generosity of chunk applied.

  1. Teeth Sensitivity

This is not a rare feat when using teeth whitening products. 50% of people who use these products complain of chills in their teeth’s nerves, and sometimes gum aches.

There are many factors why teeth sensitivity occurs from the continuous use of these products. One of them are the cavities currently on your mouth – they may react negatively on the chemicals induced by otc teeth whiteners. The best way to determine whether there are alarming activities happening inside your mouth is to check with your trusted Dentist.

Toothaches may be bearable for the sake of beauty, but precautions are greatly advised because it may cause permanent damage to your teeth. If a dental pain persists during the use of at-home teeth whiteners, you should stop it immediately.

  1. Gum inflammation

Understandably, there is a bigger issue behind overusing ANY dental product, especially those meant for internal application. The problem lies in the abundance of a specialist’s touch.

Teeth color is a case-to-case basis, not all teeth whitening products would work well on everyone. If the patient has strong healthy teeth, then generally, credible whitening products may take effect (but not permanently). But if a patient has crucial dental issues, such as mouth ulcer, then it can bring serious harm not only to your mouth but to your overall health. You must remember that teeth whiteners are consisted of strong chemicals that work as a bleaching agent. We all know how bleaching works, if we’ll compare it to distressed jeans using bleach powders, the end result is only pretty on the garment but definitely not on open wounds.

So If you are planning to try otc whitening products, before going straight to the store, take a quick detour or schedule a consultation with your Dentist first. They can offer you the best option to whiten your teeth or prescribe a brand that would work best with your dental case.

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