Cosmetic Dentistry for Smile Improvement

More than ever, cosmetic dentistry has gained in popularity and this doesn’t really come as a surprise. After all, who doesn’t want a better smile? From shaping to whitening to teeth replacement or even to closing the spaces between each tooth, your dentist can do wonders for you. As a matter of fact there is a wide array of techniques and tools your dentist is able to use in order for your smile to become greatly improved.

Have you been thinking of getting a cosmetic procedure? Before you do make sure you know what to expect as you undergo the process. Here are a few basic cosmetic dentistry procedures that your dentist can help you with for a truly improved smile.

Teeth Bonding

You know all those spaces between your teeth? It does not matter as much aesthetically if these gaps are inside your mouth. However, if they happen to be right in between your two front teeth or even in the teeth that show whenever you smile, you might want to get your teeth bonded. This is also true for teeth that are cracked, stained, broken or chipped. Dentists also use materials for bonding to protect the teeth’s exposed roots and also to fill smaller cavities. In teeth bonding, the surface of the teeth gets composite resins applied to them and then tooth color material. This can last for many years before they wear down.


For total tooth coverage, crowns or caps are applied. These can cover dental implants, restore worn or broken teeth and cover discolored and misshapen teeth, among other things. Caps or crowns can be made from ceramic materials, resin, porcelain fused to metals or pure metals. Ask your dentist to show you the different types and which type he thinks is best for you.


Compared to bonds, veneers last longer on your teeth to cover the sides or the fronts giving you the appearance of perfect teeth. These can truly improve your smile particularly when your teeth are a bit crooked, shaped poorly, are stained permanently, have become worn or chipped and have spaces in between. Your teeth get an impression done on them by the dentist before the cemented, buffed veneer is cemented in place. You will need a second visit to your dentist, usually, when you get veneers done.

Whitening Teeth

Because of medications or smoking, teeth can sometimes undergo discoloration. This is particularly true when you love consuming beverages like tea or coffee. Your teeth can be bleached by your dentist using a couple of methods. There is a home system he can recommend or an office procedure, which is recommended. First, whitening solution is applied to your teeth. Your dentist then monitors the appropriate time it takes for your teeth to whiten without abrasion occurring. You will soon see a great improvement in your overall smile. Even with whiter teeth, it is a good idea to practice oral hygiene daily by flossing one time each day and brushing your teeth twice a day.