Coffee Drinker? Tips to Preserve Your Smile

Caring for Teeth For Coffee Drinkers

How many cups of coffee do you have per day? two? three? Did you know that coffee is one of the major causes of stained teeth? If you’ve looked at the mirror recently, we’re sure you’ve realized that fact.

Coffee contains tannic acid – it’s the stuff that makes the dark color of the drink. It works its way into the grooves and pits of your tooth enamel which helps it stain your teeth giving you that awful yellow/brown smile. The caffeine in coffee also disrupts natural saliva production causing dry mouth which as you know, leads to horrible tooth decay.

If you are stunned at the thought of giving up that tasty cup of java, here are a few things you can do to lessen the impact of coffee on your teeth:

1. Brush your teeth afterwards – this also goes for dark colored drinks – soda, fruit drinks such as berries, etc. Always keep a tooth brush and some teeth whitening toothpaste in your office drawer or in your bag. If you can’t do that.. the next best thing you can do is..

2. Gargle with mouth wash – it’s quick, easy, and won’t be a hassle to carry in your bag. It also helps you get rid of food stuck in between teeth that can’t ordinarily be reached by a tooth brush.

3. For every cup of coffee, drink water. This helps wash away the tannic acid, at the same time, it helps your body replenish water drawn out by caffeine. Helps you avoid dry mouth and reduce cavity-causing bacteria by a certain percentage too.

4. Use straws – It will help you lessen exposure of teeth, although not applicable to your favorite hot drink. You can use it with other drinks such as iced teas, berry drinks, or iced coffee.

The next best thing you can do of course, is to undergo teeth whitening. You can approach your dentist to help you decide what’s best for your coffee situation.

Remember, nobody wants a yellow smile, much less a brown one. If reducing your coffee guzzling is next to impossible, then helping your teeth cope with it by following the above guidelines is a must.

img c/o pixabay