Chandler Dentist Dental Services vs Home Remedies

Dentists vs Home Cures

Practicality is a big player in today’s society; if they can get it half the actual price, the better. But if you really want to be practical then you must never neglect the importance of quality. Thus, smart consumers will try their best to balance both — Quality and Practicality.

In relation to this topic, the boom of technology compensates a lot in terms of helping consumers achieve their goal to save money. DIY blogs, Home Cooking channels, and Home Remedies are only a few example of how you can avoid spending a lot of money on professionals, such as our Chandler dentist, to do what you usually ask them to do for you.

Alas, Quality and Practicality goes hand in hand. To truly save time, money and effort you might not want to generalize practicality in a way that you must do everything yourself. Try thinking past the thought that doing it yourself is cheaper, because it is not usually the case. On the other hand, it is much wiser to meditate on the fact that there are things you might want to leave to the professionals such as, DENTAL CARE.

Sure, as long as you take care of your teeth, brush at least twice a day, gargle, and floss, then there will be no reason to see your Chandler dentists. But in reality, regular dental check-ups are needed to prevent cavities from spreading. The internet may provide information for everything we want to know. But diagnosing and treating of such, is a job better left to those who gave 4-6 years of their life to Dentistry.

To prove our point we’ve listed down some common Dental Problems which can worsen when left to self medication and how our Dentist in Chandler would cure these issues.

1. Bad Breath

Home Remedies: Tongue scraper and drops of wild Oil of Oregano with water for gargling.

Worst Case Scenario: Bad breath is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. This can provoke bacteria in your mouth to break down protein foods and release sulphur compounds producing foul smell. But what may seem to be a simple mouth odor may actually be “halitosis” in the making. Tongue scrapers and Natural mouth gargles are only temporary measures to take when you’re having a foul day. But what happens if it still persists? The cause of your bad breath may not be your laziness anymore, but an internal condition related to your liver. If you won’t consult this with your doctor then you should expect a greater damage in your health than in your social status.

Chandler Dental Service: A deep gum cleaning will be done to eliminate bacteria and plaque between your teeth. If your plaque is severe then your Dentist will prescribe you a special type of mouth rinse to control the bacteria in your mouth. In addition, your dentist will give you a list of food and beverage you should avoid because of its ability to produce a foul smell in your mouth.

2. Toothache

Home Remedies: Aspirin

Worst Case Scenario: Who never had a toothache before? Toothaches are as common as it gets, from devouring an ice cream in an instant to chewing jaw breakers down at the convenience store. Toothaches can vary from throbbing, sharp, shooting or constant pain; ignoring these signs and opts to take Aspirin to give your gums a quick relief can cause you your whole teeth to fall off. You could be looking at a dental decay which is described as a destruction of the bone around the teeth and infection of the gums caused by excessive consumption of soft drinks, sugary foods and junk foods.

Chandler Dental Services: It is easy for a dentist to detect the main cause of toothaches by conducting a complete oral examination, checking for any swelling, redness, and obvious tooth damage. X-rays are also mandatory to provide a full coverage for the diagnosis to be complete and official incase physical symptoms are not enough. Once the source of the toothache is detected, a dentist will give the patient a proper prescription of medication or antibiotics to quicken the healing of toothache.

3. Tonsillitis

Home remedies: Gargling Salt water or Taking over the counter medicines.

Worst Case Scenario: Redness in your tonsils and sore throat can immediately tell that you’re experiencing Tonsillitis. But you shouldn’t ignore simple pains, especially if it’s recurring. Are you familiar with Oral Cancer? Oral Cancer is not easily detectable; it could disguise itself as a cold sore or a discoloration of tissue. Luckily, Dentists, with their trained eye, can distinguish if an infection looks cancerous. So when it comes to throat pains, although it may be a false alarm, it is not worth risking your health over the thought that “It’s just Tonsillitis”.

Chandler Dental Services: Since most of the time, tonsillitis is caused by virus and not bacteria, thus a Chandler dentist will prescribe you with an antibiotic which should be taken for 10 days. If the tonsillitis persists a dentist will then conduct a series of examination, including an Oral Cancer screening.

These are just to name a few. There are more destructive mouth diseases out there that should not be overlooked. We can relate to your need to be practical, but remember practicality is not defined as cheap medication. You need to be sensible on the things you would want to spend on, and think of your health as an investment so you can allot more time to save money than to spend it on an illness caused by trying to save money.

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