Caring for Your New Dentures

Whether you have brand new full or partial dentures, what is important is knowing how to care for them. It is not easy paying attention to care tips when these have just been put in, as you may not be at your most alert self after a visit at the dental office. The fact is that full or partial removable dentures require the right kind of care to keep them looking their best, free from stains and completely clean. For great care of your brand new dentures, here are a few things to keep in mind.

A Daily Brushing Goes a Long Way

Use a denture cleaner that is non-abrasive when you need to clean your dentures each and every day. Soak and brush these gently in order to remove food deposits, plaque and other debris. If you are using adhesive for dentures, clean each groove which fits on our gums to get rid of any adhesive that remains. It is not a good idea to use cleaners for dentures within your mouth. Rather, remove your dentures before you clean them each and every time.

Handle With Care

When you have had dentures done for the first time, you may not be used to being able to handle them with care. Make sure that the clasps do not become damaged when you clean them. Ensure that the plastic is not damaged or bent when you hold them. Keep your fingers firm but light as you grasp your dentures. This will help ensure that they remain good as new each time you are done handling them.

Rinse and Remove Dentures After Each Meal

Each time you enjoy a meal, run water over your dentures to get rid of loose food particles and other debris. On the sink or counter, place a paper towel and put some water in the sink so that if you drop them, the dentures don’t break.

Regular Check Ups Are a Must

Your dentures are going to need professional cleaning and checkups every so often.  Ask your dentist about this so that you can input it in your calendar ahead of time. Regular visits to your dentist for this purpose are going to prevent discomfort and slippage and ensure the right fit. Your dentist is also going to be able to inspect the interior of your oral cavity and make sure everything is in great condition.

Overnight Soaks Work Great

Most denture types need to keep their shape and remain moist. Put your set of dentures in a mild solution overnight or in water for soaking. Your dentist will explain how to store your dentures properly overnight. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer when using soaking or cleaning solutions.

Avoid a Few Things

Now that you are the owner of a brand new set of dentures, or are merely coming for a checkup, it is a good idea to know what things to avoid. For one thing boiling or hot water sometimes causes dentures to warp, so avoid these. Products that contain bleach like whitening toothpastes as well as abrasive materials can also cause denture damage. For any concern, call your dentist immediately.