How to Care for Your Cracked Tooth in Five Simple Ways

Accidents happen all the time, you never know when you get caught in one. If in the event you fractured one of your teeth in accident, do you know what to do? Of course, it would be best to call a dentist in Chandler AZ right away, especially if it hurts and there is profuse bleeding. Nevertheless, let the following steps below guide you on how to care for your cracked tooth.

1. Immediately after getting your tooth split accidentally, you (or somebody that is with you) need to get a glass of warm water with salt. Rinse your mouth with it and gargle if you still can. This solution helps prevent any chance of infection while you are still about to get professional help.

2. If there is continuous bleeding, place a sterile gauze on the area for at least 10 minutes. Put some mild pressure while you do this, as this helps in stopping the flow of blood to the injured part of your mouth. If bleeding does not stop within the aforementioned time, you can rinse your mouth with cold water. The cold temperature helps contract the blood vessels in the injured area, which helps stop further bleeding.

3. If your cracked tooth has a sharp edge, you may look for a paraffin wax and use a significant amount to cover it temporarily. You can use sugarless gum as an alternative cover. This move will help prevent any possible cuts to your gums, mouth, and tongue. If nothing else is available, you can go directly to your dentist in Chandler AZ so he can attend to you immediately, just make sure he or she offers emergency services.

4. In the event that you are experiencing pain or swelling, you can take a pain reliever to ease the discomfort that you are feeling. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable taking over the counter drugs without consulting with your trusted dentist in Chandler AZ first, then you may initially apply cold compress to the part of your cheek where your cracked tooth is located.

5. If there is a part of the tooth that got separated from the main tooth, but you are able to feel it inside your mouth, do not make an attempt to touch it. Instead, rinse your mouth with water and slowly spit out the part into a glass or bowl. Clean it with a clean, damp tissue paper and place it in a glass with milk afterwards.Bring it with you to the dentist and see whether your dentist can still re-attach it to the main tooth.

As soon as you see your dentist, he or she  will examine the affected tooth immediately. Your gums will be checked for signs of swelling and bleeding. Cuts or sores will be looked at. After this, he or she will let you know what possible dental treatments you can get for your cracked tooth, which are usually either a root canal, filling, dental veneer, or a crown. The final decision usually depends on the severity of the crack. It is best to inquire about these dental procedures and try to understand very carefully how they are done, how much they will cost and which among the options are best suited for your case. Also check with your insurance company if they can cover any of the dental treatment or whether you have to pay for it yourself.