Bad Breath Problems? Check out the Foods that can trigger it

Who among of us does not want to smell good? Whenever we are going anywhere – to the simplest getaway to any important milestone or event in our life, we do our best to maintain cleanliness and freshness the best way we can.  Maintaining good oral hygiene always comes first in our list. But we cannot usually avoid certain circumstances where bad breath makes a visit. It is a common knowledge that due to tooth decay, gum disease, and other circumstances, our breath becomes less-than-lovely.

What you eat also has contributes to this. Food is a primary source of this stinky smell. Other Specifically foods that get stuck in the teeth and promotes the growth of bacteria, which causes bad breath odor.

There are categories in which you should be aware of to prevent the cause of nasty breath.

Foods with Sugar Content – Minimize your intake of the foods with much sugar content. It provides a quick source of bacteria. You should lay off the drinks with sugary ingredients just like soda and coffee, because it neutralizes the acid that the mouth is producing, which sends up gastric juice reinforcements that belong nowhere near your tongue. Using strong, mint or fruit flavorings only masks bad breath. They actually make your breath worse.

When eating food that contains sugar, be sure to brush your teeth after or at least give your mouth a good rinse using mouthwash.

Foods with Acids – Here’s a scientific fact: acids makes the bacteria grow faster. Slowing down its growth will mean avoiding eating or drinking foods or beverage containing acids.

Food with Strong Odor – Garlic and Onion are examples of this. Both contain sulfur compounds which makes up its pungent smell. Garlic contains sulfur compounds which causes the bacteria to produce bad smell. Just be sure to use floss, brush, and gargle mouthwash very well to get rid of the compounds of bad smell left in your mouth. It is also  necessary to use tongue scraper after eating.

Dairy Products – Dairy products are good for your health. But if taken without moderation can cause bad breath for they are high in proteins which the bacteria’s inside the stomach  break down.

Foods that makes your mouth dry – Alcohol is the number one suspect for having your mouth dry which also causes bad breaths. Smoking as well. Dry mouths lack oxygen that kills the bacteria formation. Unfortunately, alcohol is also present in mouthwash but just be sure the mouthwash you use has less alcohol content to maintain fresh breath.

Above all these reasons, the number one reason causing you to have bad breath all leads to poor oral hygiene. Consistency of  proper oral health habits will lessen the bacteria growth and lower the chances of producing bad breath.