Back to school: Tips for keeping your child’s teeth healthy in school

keeping your child's teeth healthy

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Looking for tips for keeping your child’s teeth health in school? Now that your kids are back to school, it is easy to forget about caring for their teeth. Keep in mind however that what you teach your kids today about flossing and brushing will most likely help them become free from complicated procedures later on in life. For everyone, it is critical to enjoy good dental health regardless of what ages they happen to be. For children, instilling early habits may just help in preventing the dread associated typically with getting into the chair of the dentist. Fear such as this usually comes from having gone through lengthy and painful treatments in the past. When you create a positive environment in the home setting a good example for the kids, dental visits will turn into occasions that are stress-free.

The Long Run

Tooth care also affects your wallet. When you don’t care for your children’s teeth early, cavities result. These tend to be procedures that are more expensive if left untreated for a long time. As a matter of fact, tooth removal may even result as well as dentures, which is a worst case scenario. With modern fluoride toothpastes and dental treatment, you can completely avoid dental complications. For kids, new teeth can be protected by sealants, fluoride treatment and regular cleaning. A hygienist and dentist can recommend beneficial procedures for kids as well as the proper technique of brushing.

Direct Impact on Health

Caring for your school-age kids’ teeth and gums early will directly impact their health overall. While tooth loss, tooth decay and gum disease can be the result of poor teeth and gum hygiene, this is not where it stops. It is suggested by research that gum disease or periodontal inflammation puts kids at a bigger risk for heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Establish a Routine

Now that the kids are starting school, it is important to establish a routine for hygiene. This includes bathing, cutting their nails on a regular basis and brushing their teeth. When you begin to establish life long, good habits of teeth health from the start and oversee flossing and brushing, kids will then grow up with healthy gums and teeth. This is particularly important if the kids’ diet includes a lot of sugar or even sweets in moderate amounts. Make sure your children brush their teeth at least twice if not thrice a day. Check to see if your children brush their teeth before leaving for school and before bedtime. Ensure that they sleep with a clean mouth to help prevent long term problems. Assist your child if he or she is not very good at brushing those hard to reach places. You might even want to consider getting your kids electric toothbrushes to help ensure a squeaky clean mouth. These types of toothbrushes clean efficiently with the least amount of effort, with the rotating brushes doing most of the cleaning. On the other hand, nothing beats the skill of effectively knowing how to manually brush your own teeth. Helping your kids learn great life skills such as these will go a long way towards overall health.